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Exclusive Google Wave Invites For Our Blog Readers

Free Google Wave Invites are still a hot commodity and pretty hard to get, luckily I have one now and can giveaway seven invites to our blog readers - to get participating all you need to do is to follow our blog on Twitter and retweet about this invite giveaway. Winners will need to spare four invites for other participants and if this goes well we all can have invites :).

Google Wave Invite Giveaway

If you are already following us on twitter simply retweet and let me know to participate.

Update : Giveaway Winners - @SunnyJamiel, @KishanBagaria, @jpsalinas, @ginadoyn, @BlueDevil_, @bowlby4, @daveydlafo - Pls. send a direct message to us on twitter with your email address you would like to receive your Google Wave invite.


hey i am following u as kalutasan, and have retweeted!

Google Wave Invites, that is good news, thanks.
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i m retweeting again :)

please i need an invite

thnxxxx in advance

cool thing.. did retweet hope I get one...

my user on twiter is drderr and my email is stomatologul [at] thanks.

I want partecipate

this is a nice post. I am you regular reader. Just follow u on twitter. I would like to have one google wave. My twitter is

i have follow u as koyponlork

i m retweeting again


this will be a hard one for getting an invite on google wave

anyway, hope that i can get one also

thanks for advanced and thanks for giving out an invitation on google wave

Hope to get one, i am following :)

i am following you on twitter with the name of honeythakur. pls invite me to Google wave.

i am following you on twitter with the name of honeythakur. hope to get one.

Bro. I have also retwitted. on

Nice giveaway.

Here is my tweet:

Great post, very informative. Have learned a lot from your site.

I have been following this site for a while now. I enjoy reading it. But, in the last few months you have taken up the bad habit of making us post elsewhere about this site for invite access or added information. This defeats the entire purpose of this site. Advertising is your job, not something you push onto viewers while taunting them with invites and such.

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I've retweeted

freetransat at

Just retweeted..TQ..

I have been following you on twitter and I retweeted.

Great news but Actually I don't have a Twitter acc AND I don't want one =P

Anyway, I will wait for another chance to get my Google Wave invitation =/

I have followed you and retwitted.
Please send me a Google Wave Invite.


i am re tweeting again.

please i need an invite

thnx in advance

Hope that you got this invitation from Google itself, Those users whom you invite may not get an option to invite others. So spare 4 Invites may not work.

I hope i can get one too, my tweet name is chantysothy

i twited back .. if am lucky lets seee.... (enusri)

i retweeted in orkut, so plz spare me an invite.

Thanking You,

retweeted hope i get one user name is mohannadhasan

hope i get one thank you in advance!

Hi guys I have retweeted here:

my mail is

kisses xx

count me in

I have retweeted hope I get one!!! user name is Copydown (email:

A great chance
please invite my
ssrssd [at] gmail [dot] com

A great chance
please invite me

please invite me too

I'm following you as ekang8 and JUST re-tweeted. i've been reading your blog pretty much on a weekly basis for years now =)

Just retweeted!

i am following you and just retweeted
my twitter id is abdullahtasci
please invite me too
thanks in advance

hey i want an invite for google wave please u can reach me at

Dear friends for those Who Hav Received More than 1 Invitation Pls Forward the Link of the Invitation U received to ur Friends or Anyone who Don't have Google Invite,

coz , Google Accepts the Invitation sent to any one.
U can Use the Unused Invitation with any Mail id.

I Tested Some Invites with Friends & all the invites that I received Accepted with Their Mail Id's.

Dear Friends Share Ur Excess Invitations that U Received from others.

Google Accepts any Invitations,
I Used My Excess invitations received from My Friends to Other Friends, & it Worked.

So Just Send the Invite link that U Received in mail.

can i know exactly what is google wave and how to use?
if u know abt that tell me

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