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Analysts Predict Rockstar Games GTA 5 To Be 2012's Biggest Game Hit

GTA V LogoLike all previous releases of this game title, Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) was also a hit, and analysts are already predicting that upcoming new release of the game "GTA V" will be the 2012's biggest release. Industry analyst Jesse Divnich of EEDAR has now gone on-record (via gameranx) predicting that the upcoming Rockstar title will beat last year's popular Modern Warfare 3 or any other games in sales for year 2012.

GTA V Game
Jesse Divnich Says :

"It goes without saying that GTA V will be one of the year's biggest releases, but I will take it one step farther and say GTA V will be 2012's biggest release," said Divnich.

"Don't get me wrong, Call of Duty will be undoubtedly huge, as it is every year and it may aeven grow, but if I had to call what will be a photo finish race, I will go with GTA V."

I am personally a big fan of GTA series, and hope GTA V lives upto everybody's expectations.


Too bad the PC version, if there's even one, will most likely be delayed by at least 6 months, be buggy as hell and require a very high end PC to even run comfortably, even though it was designed for 7 years old hardware. Yay for shitty optimization from Rockstar, yet again...
I will personally wait until the title drop below $10 before even thinking of touching it with a ten foot pole.

i think this is a pretty good PC game, although the Chinese player can not buy it.

going to be a top class game..........Gta V is Gonna rock 2012........With AC III

going to be a top class game..........Gta V is Gonna rock 2012........With AC III

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