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iLocalis - iPhone Anti-Theft, Tracking And Remote Control Utility - Exclusive Free Premium Account Giveaway

iLocalisDue to their small size mobile devices are very vulnerable to get stolen, but fear not there are many anti-theft utilities available for various mobile-phones letting you track and recover your stolen device similar to laptop theft-tracking utilities.

Luckily if you are using Apple iPhone you can not only track your device location but also remote control it, thanks to iLocalis - the best theft-tracking and remote control utility for Apple iPhone.

Online GPS Tracking For iPhone

With iLocalis installed on your device you can keep track of device current location, share location with friends, remote control iPhone, create and restore remote backups, remotely wipe your device data, receive automatic SMS to a pre-configured number of choice if phone SIM is changed (for receiving thief's number and current location), prevent iTunes connection and restore when the iPhone is remotely locked, make remote phone calls and SMS, activate call forwarding remotely (comes very handy if you forget your iPhone and want to forward calls to another number).

iLocalis needs a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed and supports all firmware versions on iPhone 3G and 3GS :

Installing iLocalis :

  1. Launch Cydia, search for iLocalis and install it.
  2. iLocalis In Cydia
    iLocalis Installation
  3. Register for a free premium membership trial at and use the login information on iLocalis application in your iPhone.
  4. iLocalis Basic
    iLocalis Premium
  5. Now your device is all setupped to get tracked and receive remote commands from iLocalis web-portal.

We have been provided with 3 premium and 7 basic accounts with six months of free services for our readers, do leave a comment or use the contact form above to grab one.


This looks awesome, would love a premium account.
Better than paying for mobileme.

Just looking for a rough idea at this stage, ideas advise, budget, etc nothing to crazy

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Is it hard for a thief to remove iLocalis once they steal it? It seems pretty useless if they can just reformat the phone or uninstall the program.

Sorry if I sound noob, I know little about phones. I've only ever had hand-me-downs.

Sounds good after my son's iphone was stolen after a month of use would like some kind of help in case mine gets stolen

Sounds great, would love a premium account...

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Too bad the phone needs to be jailbroken, maybe not an app to fully trust?


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I am a guy from Kenya, Africa.
Here not all carriers have internet so does your iPhone need to be connected to the internet to be tracked???

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Program looks awesome, i'd like a premium account!

If you don't want to jailbreak try THIEF BUSTER. The only one app in the whole AppStore capable of restarting the app while you don't enter the right passcode. Accordng to the comments it will support GPS location in the next version.

I've tried many antitheft apps and all of them but this one are merely toys. If the thief presses the home button the antitheft app jus closes XD

trying out the basic version now, very useful in tracking the iphone as well as tracking ur friends :)

the premium edition seems better with the remote audio recording which will send back a clip file for a designated time frame^-^

would love to try an account if you really are giving some away. please send me a trail account if this is real, would love to try service, seems like something I would use but not going to download on my computer for just a ten day trial. please send and if as good as says will buy membership

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Thanx for your knowledge and for sharing the wealth, iPHONES ROCK!!!!


Really great job !!!nice work to build this nice first 1 phone was stolen from a damn guy on my work after 2 years ago i bought a new one now i hope with your nice tool that dont happend anymore!!!!and when yes he get now big problems with me! thank you mr i would be nice when i can get a account....

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why isn't cLingee up for consideration?

findmyiphone can do this as well...

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