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Free Calls From And To Pakistan

We have posted about free calls to Pakistan offer by LowRateVOIP which is obsolete now, but here is another service to talk with your loved ones in Pakistan for almost free at local call rates, the free Phone to PC service Connect2PK allows your contacts in Pakistan to call local access-numbers in Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore and Islamabad to get connected with you anywhere in world on your PC/Phone at cheaper local calling rates.

Phone To PC Calling Model

How Free Calls Works

The free service offers a generous 20min/call round the clock and 45min/call from 4 to 10 A.M., once configured on your PC or cellphone your simply need to ask you cotacts in Pakistan to call access numbers and get connected instantly.

Free Unlimited PC To Phone Calls To USA,UK,Canada, Germany, China, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan & Brazil

Reliance iCallOne of the World's biggest telecom company - Reliance Communications, the Indian major is all set to make its presence felt in VOIP business, with the launch of their VOIP service Reliance iCall
they are surely going to make a impact in the VOIP market.

To promote the launch of their service the company is offering 100% free calls to landline and mobile phones destinations like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, China, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Brazil till 15 January 2009.

Zero Call Rates Worldover

Free Calls To More Then 30 Countries Including USA, UK And Canada

FreeRingerWe have written about quite a few Free VOIP service providers here, most of them required users to download desktop applications to work and had calling limitations, but our latest share FreeRinger is an exception, the ad-supported web-based flash VOIP service allows users to call cellphones and landlines phones of more then 30 international destinations including USA, UK and Canada for free without any limits.

Free Calls

The whole process is pretty simple all you have to do is to register for a free account and follow the simple calling procedure as below.

Make Free International VOIP Calls To Any Phone From Google Talk


GTalk2VOIP has been written about on this blog earlier as an radio, VOIP and SMS service provider via Gtalk and other popular IM networks, now GTalk2VOIP in collaboration with Talkster is offering simple, fast and free international calls to more then 30 countries worldover.

Unlike most of the other free voip service providers Gtalk2Voip requires no registration or login, using the service is very simple as it integrates into your existing instant messenger service allowing you to make call from anywhere with ease. This ad-supported service offers unlimited free calls to any phone, landline or mobile in more then 30+ major countries.

Free VOIP Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones World Over

We have reviewed several free VOIP service provider from time to time, Voixio is another such free ad-supported VOIP provider, Voixio offers an easy to use flash interface to make free VOIP and video calls worldover, before connecting the call Voixio displays an video advertisement, this is the most promising ad-supported VOIP service we have reviewed.

Free VOIP Service

Free VOIP Calls To Pakistan

Free Pakistan VOIP is a product of popular VOIP service provider BETAMAX, LowRateVOIP is offering free calls to countries generally not offered by other free VOIP providers like free calls to Pakistan (both landlines and mobile), however you need to top-up the minimum call credit for taking advantage of the free call offer, Registered users get max 200 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address. Unused free minutes cannot be taken to the following week(s). If limit is exceeded the normal rates apply. During your Freedays you can call all destinations listed as "Free" for free. When you have run out of Freedays, the normal rates apply. You can get extra Freedays by buying credit.

UPDATE : Free VOIP Calling Credits

Free Unlimited VOIP Calls To USA & Canada

The Pudding VOIPWe have posted about many free voip services from time to time, The Pudding is a new free VOIP service provider currently under private beta, the service offers ad supported unlimited free calling to any phone is USA and Canada from a browser, their innovative voice recognition technology will pick up keywords from your voice conversation and display relevant webpages, links and advertisements related to the keyword, in the screenshot below the user is having a talk about hawaii and The Pudding is displaying webpages and advertisment related to hawaii.

Ad Supported VOIP

This ad supported VOIP service promises a lot for the future and we can see future services offering free worldwide unlimited VOIP calling.

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Flashphone Offering Free Wordwide VOIP Calls

Free VOIP Calls FlashPhone - A Russian VOIP company is offering free VOIP calls to all the major countries worldwide, this free web-service allows you to call directly from a standard webbrowser without installing anything (needs Adobe Flash Plugin), temporarily only one call of 5 minute duration per day is allowed. SIP compatible Flashphone is easy to use and is totally web-based, you can make and receive calls using any VoIP provider in any place on the Earth. You can also use the mobile version of flashphone on PDAs, communicators and smartphones.

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Free Wordwide Calls By Zoippe

Hongkong Based VOIP service provider Zoippe is offering free worldwide calling credit to new users via a special invitation link, to make use of the free calling credit, follow the steps:

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