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Funny Video

[Video] Samsung Apex : New Google Glass Competition Streams Video In One Eye, Internet Into The Another And At The Same Time Suck Your D*ck !!!

Google Glass will fade away after this technology, The Onion News Team provides us with EXCLUSIVE glimpses of this new controversial gadget. Samsung Apex, a wearable gadget somewhat similar to Google Glass streams videos into one eye, the internet into the other, and sucks your di*k while you enjoy your multimedia content. Click on the image below for Full Video..

Samsung Apex

[Video] - Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has been a huge improvement to it's ancestors, it's faster, sleeker, feature rich and good looking. Microsoft advertised IE9 as a faster and future technology proof application with smooth animations and HTML5 magic. Now, here is a funny parody take on that commercial labelled "Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version".

IE9 Commercial

[Video] Terri - Honda Anti-Theft Negotiator

Whether it's Google's self driving car or the futuristic Google Glass concept, the future is really amazing. To get the innovation ball rolling well known car manufacturer Honda Motor Co. has unveiled a replacement for your annoying car alarms, christened TERII the vehicle theft-deterrent system uses biometric recognition and negotiating tactics to protect against vehicle theft. Video demonstration after the jump.


Even Hitler Hates Apple iPad !

Hitler has been dreaming about the day Apple tablet was to be announced but after seeing Apple iPad he was not pleased :

Google SMS

Video - Why Every Guy Should Buy Their Girlfriend Wii Fit ?

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