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Apple iOS 7 Lockscreen Loophole Allows Anybody To Make Calls From Locked Phone !!

A new vulnerability discovered by an 27 year old user Karam Dauod, allows anybody to bypass the Apple iOS 7 security passcode and make calls. A user needs to perform a few steps via the iOS7 Emergency dialer screen to get past the lockscreen, once done they can call any number of choice including international and premium numbers without any restriction. Do watch the video demonstration posted below.

Apple iOS 7 Hack


Didn´t work on offical iOS7 in Germany iPhone 4.

There is a way to call on any number from Apple lock screen (Without Unlock)..

Hold Down "Apple Home Key" for 5 Sec it will activate "Voice Recognition" then say the number.. :D

Apple probably taught nobody used the iphone to make actual phone calls these days. Texting, facebook and twitter seems more popular.

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