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Unlock Password Protected PDF & Excel Files Online The Easiest Way For Free

Unlock PDF PasswordPDF authors often restrict their files using PDF security features preventing users from copying, editing or printing the contents, and like every other protection this can also be easily bypassed, there exist several methods to crack or unlock PDF files, but if you are looking for a simple and fast way to just bypass the copying & printing restrictions of the PDF file Ensode online PDF Unlock Utility will be the best option, You just need to upload the file and the unlocked version of the PDF without printing or copying/pasting restrictions will be displayed in a new browser window in your default PDF application, Similarly you can use "Ensode Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility" to unlock Microsoft Excel spreadsheet passwords.

Online Unlocker

Another worth mention handy free utility to achieve similar results is "Freeware PDF Unlocker" allowing users to remove password and restrictions on any PDF file that you can read. The utility is very simple to use, simply drag and drop the file to remove restrictions, You do not need to know the "owner" password for this to work. Removes 40 or 128 bit passwords.


very gud s/w


ya i want the method by which i can bypass the security
please send me at as soon as possible

Not working with big files with many pages


Thx for sharing. I currently use PDF Password Cracker Pro. It also can easily remove PDF password. And it is completely compatible with Vista.

Link Removed: This post is about FREE solution and the link you posted costs $49 !!

That was the best and easy trick, thanks for your support for students and edu-followers

This is fantastic......Love this free service. Good for education purposes.

and xls files??? dont workS???????


It didn't work

Dint work :(

Uploaded a simple 1 page document with fields that allow data entry. A SAVE restriction is placed on the document that disallows saving the entered data.

The online tool uploaded the document and displayed the 'cracked' version. I saved the cracked version, opened it and entered data.

The SAVE restriction still exists. When attempting to save the PDF, a popup window appears stating "Only a blank document can be saved".

Saving the document anyway does result in a blank document.


It actually works!


doesn't work! i can't upload file. the browser , term and conditions, submit buttons do not work.:(

Fake script... its just a image

It Didn't Work...... I Was Trying.

But the site name can be changed to megacheater which is a better choice


If the PDF has been set the restrictions that prevend people copying and printing, we can just change PDF to Word using free utility PDFUnlock.

But it must be legally of course.
But cracking the so-called user password, which prevends people from opening the PDF, I really have no idea.

The content above works for files 5MB or most 10MB Pdf files....For Files more then that size its just does not work...Does anyone here know what how to crack those files.

The file i am looking to print is visible on the web but it has been disabled from printing it and saving it. What can i do?



Didn't work for me, file 2,98 MB - 271 pages.

i need to convert a password protected ms word .doc file to pdf...
as i dont know the password em facing problem...guys plz help me out

A) Open document > Select edit menu > choose select all > then choose copy from edit menu.
Open new document > edit menu> paste.
Select tools menu> choose options> window opens with options. Select form different tabs the edit

tab> make sure that al desired boxes are selected.
Select save tab>choose and mark box>ask about properties
accept or Apply options and close.
Save new document different name. When saving it should ask if you want to save properties>

choose not save. Maybe it asks if you want to modify properties> choose yes> select box archive amongst read only, hidden or archive.

Ah I don't like it, didn't work for me. This one worked instead.
Site is more appealing and allows for max 10mb, unlike the one posted here.

eed to convert a password protected ms word .doc file to pdf...
as i dont know the password em facing problem...guys plz help me out

give me suggestion

I use PDF Password Recovery 5.0.Awesome it took about 5-seconds to recover
my password. If you need to recover a password greater than 3 characters
I recommend this product.

that is a good tool


very good.thanks

online password remove for excel

good job

For some reason I cannot click the browse or submit button. It appears to be locked. And ideas?

not working this pag

I am trying to actually change content on these pages - how do i do that? none of these progrms worked in by passing the password the author put on it to actually edit the content....

These sites didn't work for me,

I found this one, working :


Nice service I am enjoying this service, this service working well to my pdf document

There is no such thing as a free lunch)))i tried to use it, but without any result. That's why i decided to use demo of RECOVER PDF Password. and few days ago i bought it))) who interested -

Cheers, really educational.

I was searching for informative unlock password website, this website is quite well defined content about unlock passwords.

I'm agree with others that the site doesn't work with large size PDF files. One more thing as far as security is concerned it's not a good practice to upload your pdf documents without knowing that the source is reliable or not. That's why prefer to use desktop utilities. One such tool i personally use to unlock a pdf file is pdf security removal. The tool tool is free to try and it can remove restrictions from large size pdf files for free. Here is the link if you want to try it


Hi, i tried this site and yes it works for me. But I'm not sure whether it is completely save our confidential pdf files here. I tried many desktop utilities and currently im using this and thinking about purchasing the registered version as it is working fine . Did anybody here have any experience with this site and their tool? this is the site:

http://www.--SPAM LINK

Worked like a charm.


How to remove excel password. advise me

Unlock A PDF File with one of the advanced PDF Unlocker software it keeps your formatting intact.

quiero sacarle el password

i need to convert a password protected ms excel.
as i dont know the password em facing problem...guys plz help me out

Read more: Unlock Password Protected Excel Files Online

It has been disabled, I am unable to browse files.

it working great...thanks for sharing..keep the good works going guys..:-)


i need to knoe the procedure of unlocking password protectrd fole to convert it into ms- word

Why not use that?

This method is great, although you can break password of any password protected PDF file using a software called BeCyPDFMetaEdit which provides easiest method to remove all the meta information of the PDF file.

thanks for sharing

Thanks for the useful information. It will help restore the password to Excel file, and can recover the password to Excel sheet.

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