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Significant Progress Made By iPhone Dev Team For Unlocking iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G UnlockingThe iPhone cracker group iPhone Dev Team have made a significant progress in hacking into Apple iPhone 3G baseband required for unlocking of iPhone 3G, the group posted pictures and videos demonstrating their success, Apple iPhone earlier version can be jailbroken and unlocked using group's PwNage utility.

Video Demonstrating iPhone 3G BaseBand Hack

However, users awaiting eagerly for the final working iPhone 3G unlocker should not get too much excited, The official group post stated:

Running modified baseband code is a very useful ability, but it’s still not possible to accurately estimate how close we are to the ultimate goal.


unlock my iphone 3g plzzzzzzzzzzz

This is great news, iPhone Dev Team pls. do this fast so I can get unlocked iPhone 3G here in India at cheaper prices that what sucker Airtel and Vodaphone are offering.

I jailbroke vodafone iphone 3g 16 gb black but i am not getting any networks if i insert any sim

can sum1 send me an link to unlock sim on

for jailbreaking iphone 3g use quickpwn 2.1 or latest one jailbreaks 2.0.2

I wish the iPhone-Dev team released a how to so people who didn't think and upgraded their iPhone 3Gs to the new and shitty 2.2 can downgrade the baseband and then re-install 2.1 on it again. The best I can do now is keep the 2.1 software without hacks, but my baseband is gone forever, maybe...

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