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PDF To Word Converter

In one of my previous articles, I have shown you how to extract data from PDF documents using your mobile phone. There I introduced you to PDF to Word Converter app, made by Cometdocs, company that is veteran in creating PDF solutions and improving our document management. Also, they are one of the first companies that developed PDF converters in form of mobile apps, for both Android and iOS operating systems.

The first version of the app was released way back in 2014, and since then it has established itself as a must-have app for mobile PDF utilities.

Two Canadians Among Forbes' 2017 Most Influential Gamers List

Forbes is famous for its lists that rank the rich and the famous according to their wealth, power and influence. In 2017, they also decided it was time to extend their lists to one of the most important online niche markets and included gamers on the list.

Evan Fong and Sonja Reid Make It to the Top 10

The 2017 Top Influencers in Gaming features the usual suspects like Mari Takahashi, DanTDM, Markiplier and SSSniperWolf. And not surprisingly, two Canadians made it to the list, occupying the third and fourth places: Evan Fong and Sonja Reid. Both of those amazing gamers belong to the squad that has developed around Markiplier, known outside of the virtual world as Mark Fischbach, who is a Hawaii-born gamer of extensive influence.

Evan Fong has managed to claim the third spot, for his YouTube channel that features him playing his favorite games, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Fong, or VanossGaming as is his YouTube alias, is very popular thanks to his laidback style, as he often plays with friends, chats, or makes humorous comments with his online audience. He even dropped out of UPenn to devote all of his time to his gaming pursuits, so you know that great things are in store for him.

Online Slot Games Software Giant Microgaming Experiments with VR and AR Technology

To anyone who is familiar with the world of online casinos and slot games, Microgaming is a very familiar name. Now the company seems to have turned over a new leaf, as it has begun experimenting with augmented reality and virtual reality applications for its games.

Award-Winning VR Roulette

Virtual reality and augmented reality provide opportunities for increased revenue for those companies both bold enough and capable of harnessing their potential. And of course, they offer an unparalleled experience to consumers. In 2016, VR amounted to a $2.1 billion market, while AR reached just $200 million. But the trend seems upward, and it is projected that, by 2021, revenue from VR tech will reach a little under $50 billion and AR profit will rise to almost $20 billion.


As an avid investor in cryptocurrency myself, I have seen many coins come and go in the very short time that blockchain has been in existence. A lot of coins claim that they can make blockchain technology better than what it currently is. DasCoin (DASC) is one such coin that appears to strive to make blockchain technology better. Its primary objective is to make the storage and exchange of cryptocurrency more viable for security and performance. DasCoin expects to accomplish this feat by implementing their own ecosystem known as the DasEcosystem. Access to the DasEcosystem is provided by Net Leaders, which empowers a network of users through various applications and services. Users can own a Net Leaders license that can allow them access to network cycles. DASC is considered a “store of value” coin that serves to bring all positive aspects of both a centralized and decentralized system and its main premise is to build a coin and system built on trust with the following principles: Liquidity, Utility, Security and Capital Appreciation. In this article, we will summarize some of the key features of DASC which outline the benefits of participating in the DasEcosystem.


DASC has implemented a “Proof of Value” system that assures that the distribution of coins is monitored by "cycles", which are directly purchased from a system license. This assures that coins cannot be distributed carelessly to executives or developers. With implementation of this system, the quantity is fixed at 8.5 billion which never increases. This way, a fair and equitable amount of coins is distributed among investors and developers.

VPNhub- Pornhub’s own unlimited and free VPN Service

VPNHubVPNhub is the latest unlimited and free VPN Service that you can easily trust without a doubt. The VPN lets you surf the internet and hide your information without a trace in the history. Pornhub has launched this fantastic VPN service with free and unlimited bandwidth so that you don’t fall prey to the eyes who are always peeping into your browser’s history.

The apps for the same are already available in the app stores of Android and iOS. The Windows and MacOS users would need a premium subscription for the same.


Like any other VPN service, it also helps the user in avoiding ISP-level website blocking or tracking and in keeping your browser activity private by encrypting your data, even if you are using a public Wi-Fi connection.

VPNhub never collects, stores, sells and shares your personal information with the third parties for their advertising, marketing, or research purposes. It is believed that Pornhub launched its VPN service because of the government regulations on adult content online in the countries like the United Kingdom. However, that doesn’t mean that VPNhub is limited to browsing Pornhub only. You can browse any of all the websites without worrying about being caught by someone.

FoneMonitor - A Reliable Smartphone Monitoring Tool

Phone SpyingWe live in a world where our lives revolve around the internet. We are only a click away from every information that we want. From the social media websites to the mobile applications, we can access everything with the internet. Our lives have become a lot sorted. Whenever there is confusion, ask use internet and get the solution.

There are also many illegal and adult websites that can be easily accessed by anyone. Being parents, you must keep an eye on the activities and the websites that your kids explore. If you want, you can control the activities of your kids on the internet.

Likewise, if you are running a business, there would be many employees working for you. At times, many employees waste time over chatting and sometimes, even ignore many of their official tasks just because they are busy chatting. As a result, their productivity in the official tasks is hampered.

But you don’t have to worry about these things when you can have FoneMonitor to keep knowledge of everything that your kids or employees do and then, make them realize their mistake. FoneMonitor lets you track phone effortlessly.

Phone Spying Features

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery: A Boon for Recovering the lost Data

Apeaksoft LogoIn the rapidly digitizing world, security is a great asset for everybody, be it an individual or an organization. In the digital world, Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery software provides us with solutions on how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone. It is designed for everybody who has lost the iPhone data due to any reason, may be due to iOS system crash, water damage, factory reset, the password is forgotten, accidental deletion, factory reset or more. It offers a series of utilities and programs that help in restoring the data very well and makes the digital life 100 % safe and easier.

Main Features

The Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery software gives you flexible solutions to recover deleted data like messages, contacts, media, etc. from any iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Movavi Video Editor Review

Have you ever thought about compiling some of the video clips that you record into a home movie or travel video to share on social media, or maybe want to create some video content of your own to publish on YouTube or your website? Perhaps you don’t really want to create videos, but would like to be able to fix and improve some of the clips that you record so that they look more impressive?

Movavi Video Editor Review

[GIVEAWAY] DesignEvo : Simplest Way to Design A Logo Online

If you are searching for a reliable and quick way to create a logo, and let’s assume, you are no a big fan of PhotoShop or GIMP, this passage is perfect for you. In honor of Simplism, we believe that professional designing software that requires you to be skilled, like Photoshop, Illustrator or Open Source GIMP, may not be your best choice, at least for most of ordinary netizens. It’s not wise to learn a lot before beginning your first move, and not mention of countless-browsing online just for a how-to step. Speaking of which, Adobe already realizes this issue and has announced that they will simplify some of Photoshop features in this year.

Those solutions with a steep learning curve are seemingly in a dead end, and what’s our suggestion here? Maybe you would like to try an easier logo tool, for example, DesignEvo. Combined with a more reasonable price tag and easiness for navigation, it seems like a double winner and a good substitution for Logo Design with Photoshop. It requires only minutes and a few steps to render a profession-looking logo for any brand.

GIVEAWAY: Megaleecher readers get EXCLUSIVE free coupon of "DesignEvo Plus Lifetime", normally priced at $39.99. The plan allows users to get print ready, high-resolution (5000x5000) PNG and JPG files along with Vector PDF and SVG having full copyright ownership.

Free Logo Template

DesignEvo is a convenient online logo DIY service that deserves your try. 4000+ logo templates may cover most of designing needs. You can always find a decent & satisfied logo from its templates. And the costs for a logo design is acceptable and inexpensive. In DesignEvo, you can always design and print a self-designed logo in just a matter of minutes. Let’s walk you through how it works.

[Easter Giveaway] EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard : What to expect from it

Security is a great asset for everybody, be it an individual or an organization. We are already aware that the world is digitizing at a rapid pace. In this digital world, EaseUS provides us with data management tools for data back-up, data recovery, and solutions. It is designed for everybody who wants to keep data in a good environment. It is designed for home users, professionals, enterprises, organizations, IT admins, technicians consultants, service operators etc. It offers a series of utilities and programs that help in organizing the data very well and makes the digital life 100 % safe.

Features of EaseUS:
1. Recovers deleted files
2. Data Back-UP
3. Data Security

EaseUS Easter Giveaway

Oh! Did you just have that little line of wrinkle on your face? That why is something not written about the giveaway? Don’t worry! Here comes the good news for all.

EaseUS, literally making your life easy, has planned a giveaway on the occasion of Easter. ”HAPPY EASTER FROM EASUS!” Now you have a lucky chance to win exciting prizes from EaseUS. You just have to participate in the contest organized by EaseUS.

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