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Impressive Future Concept For Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 LogoMicrosoft Windows 7 is doing good business and we are yet to see the final version of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 but rumors are that Microsoft has already started working on Windows 8 and fans have started creating cool futuristic GUI concepts mock-ups of the next Microsoft operating-system. Here is a video demo of an fan created concept which I would definitely like Microsoft to have a look at (video after the jump).


Not impressive at all. What the real user need is not the fuxin effect interface, but faster menu access.

Totally agree with you. But then again, most Windows users weren't "real" users (probably only use their web browser).


The groups indicated in the video are an added improvement. However, I presently use Win 7 X64 with Traybar. This is the only solution to date that allows me to easily select and categorize my selections. The dll file that allows for right clicking on a program and adding it to any menu is non functional with 64 bit. With all programs others provide easy and convenient methods of tweaking the setting. Why is this so difficult for the software developers to include with the OS?

This video is made by my friend, he said that the video is based on flash...

Where i can download this ?

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