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Wakie: The app and social network for giving and receiving real live wake up calls

Are you the kind of person who loves getting wake-up calls when you stay at hotels, and wish you could bring that experience into your everyday life? Now there’s an app for that: Wakie is a free mobile app that brings together a social network of friendly strangers from all over the world to give each other wake up calls. It’s a great system; in the morning it’s easy to hit a snooze button every nine minutes until you’re late for work, but suddenly speaking with a kind person you don’t know really motivates you to become alert so you can speak with them at least somewhat intelligibly.

Wakie App

In the Wakie community, wake up callers are called Wakies, and those getting woken up are known as Sleepyheads. The app lets a Sleepyhead set an alarm, and when the time comes the app sets up a VoIP call with a Wakie close in age and of the opposite gender, if available. The calls are protected by encryption, and no phone numbers are shared. The wake up call then lasts one minute. Wakies can ask about the sleepyheads location and plans for the day, sing wake up songs, wish Sleepyheads a great morning, whatever they think will help them start the day right. And if a Wakie isn’t available, the app’s Robo Up caller makes certain Sleepyheads get their calls.

Beyond just helping people wake up, Wakie’s social network aims to connect people across the globe, offering increased understanding and kindness you certainly can’t get from the clock on your nightstand. It’s universal to the human condition that people tend to wake up groggy, and love to hear a friendly voice.

Wakie is available now for Android and Windows Phone, with an iOS version coming soon. Currently, anyone in the world can get the app and be a Wakie, but Sleepyheads must be in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore or Hong Kong. Wakie plans to expand service and add more social features such as messaging and rating of Wakies, as well as premium paid content in future releases.


I have windows phone8.1 and love to use this app. I want to know is this app available on windows app store.

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