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Best MegaUpload Search Engines To Search Files Hosted On Megaupload.Com

File SearchDespite being the third most popular one-click file-hoster after Rapidshare and MediaFire Megaupload does not have many file-search engines meant to search files hosted on their network, compared to the vast amount of dedicated third-party Rapidshare Search Engines there exist only a few meant for Megaupload, most of these file search-engines work on similar scripts which scrap results from specially crafted Google search queries, We can use the same Google search queries directly as discussed earlier to search files on Mediafire changing the query from to gets the job done, if you are looking for something automating this process here is a list of some of the best free megaupload search engines.

Top Megaupload Search Engines :


Here is another rapidshare search engine


That UVRX Megaupload Search is awesome



Try to look for rapidshare files. I using it regularly and allways satisfied with the results
It's redesigned now and looks much more beter. More than 7 000 000 files in their database.
They offer search toolbars for FF and IE. They also offer search bar for your site.Enjoy.

I think is more useful rapidshare search engine

I use is the best rapidshare and megaupload search engine, and is 100% customizable in

everything. for me is the best.

is available for searches in United States / England and Spanish

Nice List , Thank you.
But The Best I found is
it searches the net in real time.
I suggest you to add this to your list ;)

Meta search most popular shares rapidshare, megaupload, FTP, torrent files and more

anyone know where i can get wolfman on megaupload

This is very good information at this post and its very useful for me thanks for this one...

I use for searching files in megaupload,rapidshare . . .etc . . . nd it has links to all types of files !!!!

UVRX is the best tray it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

try which also include the web pages that provides the links especially for files with passwords.

hello dear i cant download make bootable usb drive software please give me tips for easy download

it's much better, has it's own database and searches all popular hosts, no ads!

you could also have a look at for a file search engine, it searches loads of places including rapidshare megaupload hotfile and loads more. or if your looking to host files privately got to for free file hosting

I use for all my MOVIES.. It's the best!!!!

i'm always using Megaupload, it's fine for me

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