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How to get a man to wash his hands.......

Here's how to get a man to wash his hands.......


Does anyone know where this place is?

It's in a public restroom.

There must be a trillion or mor public restrooms in the
world...The question is where is this public restroom?

Did you get to know where is this place?

look in the back!!
there is also "man" to get a guy wash his hands!!

washing up and "down" part

I doubt it they will wash hands, probably get it more dirty by spanking those butts. It can be a great motivator at offices though.

Is it possible to f$$k this while washing hands?

Are we still waiting to find out where this is?

right click on the image and click on "Search Google for this image" . Or save this image and go to google click on images then upload the image it will search
it for you !!

Okay its almost 8 years since this was posted. Did anyone get to know which place this is??

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