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How To Get An Invite For All New Facebook Messages Service

Touted as "Gmail Killer" the new Facebook Email Service was being rumored from quite some time now and has finally been officially unveiled, dubbed "The New Messages" the update to existing Facebook Messages feature now combines Texts, chat and email together in one simple conversation.

The updated "New Facebook Messages" interface not only displays your Facebook messages but also interweaves all chats, texts and emails from a central location. The great part is you can also choose your own email address, the new feature is slowly being rolled out to users and to grab your personal invite for Facebook Email just follow the link posted at the end of this post.

Facebook Email Invite
New Facebook Messages Key Features:
  • Faster interaction: If you want, you can send messages just by hitting your Enter key, so the new Messages is as fast (and as informal) as an in-person conversation.
  • Integrated communication: No matter what you’re using to communicate (Facebook, mobile or email), your conversation streams quickly and seamlessly into one place.
  • Smart filtering: You’ll always see what’s important to you first – messages from the people you’re close to take precedence over mailing lists.
  • Revamped search: Search for either the person you were talking with or what you were talking about to quickly find your message and all the related context.
  • Adding people to group conversations: Loop new people into the conversation, giving them full access to everything that’s been said so far.
  • Forwarding: Pass individual messages along to other friends.
  • Unsubscribing, or removing yourself from a conversation: Leave a group conversation when you no longer wish to receive new messages.
  • Sending attachments: In addition to sending links, photos and videos, you can now attach external files to your messages.
To get an invite for all New Facebook Messages system with your own email-id visit the official invite page here.



Really, its a surprise for all of us. These features have never been provided by any famous mail company. But these can be problematic for a person also, if I say true.
That's why it will be unsuccessful for persons that use Facebook for promoting their business.

this is a good site

Facebook alerts are really needed. I had an invitation for Timeline before and i really liked the Timeline overview before the other local users. That was fun posting the print screen images on walls. I think I already have the message system automatically updated. And do you know about the new facebook image viewer? That seems more like Google + though. Anyways facebook login systems has really been one of the most excited thing for people like me.

they didn't show me the requesting box?!!!

please I want this Service!

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