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Installing iPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta On iPod Touch Without A Developer Account

iPod Touch Users have now found a way to install and use iPhone OS 3.0 Beta on iPod Touch without an developer account, the hack involves using the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta .IPSW restore file with iTunes blocking the applications access to internet via firewall.

The trick is that iTunes uses an active internet connection to verify whether the current device using the BETA OS is developer registered or not, if it founds non-developer registered device using the BETA OS iTunes syncing is disabled, this simple check can be easily bypassed using the hack described next.

Warning : Before trying this do keep in mind that this hack works only for iPod Touch and it is not advisable to upgrade to an BETA OS.

  1. Block both inbound and outbound internet access for iTunes.exe from your firewall (if you don't know how-to do that you should not be reading this and should abort immediately).
  2. Now, download iPhone OS 3.0 Beta IPSW files corresponding to your device from links provided here (once again try this on iPod Touch only).
  3. Use the iPod Touch firmware upgrade guide shared earlier using the NEW 3.0 BETA IPSW file downloaded in step above.


Pls. help me downgrade my iPhone back from 3.0 to 2.2.1 ??

Put it into DFU mode and then itunes HAS to restore it

First get the 2.2.1 firmware from the internet or torrent
the either restore or put into DFU more like so

Here are some steps
1.hold power + home button for 10 seconds till it shows on your computer that it got disconnect
2. Let go of power button only till the computer shows its connect and then...
3. Press power button once and then your in DFU mode windows computers will show it in DFU mode and then go to itunes it will show up as a unknown device and then hold shit and and press restore and find the firmware and then your good to go

but i never tested for 3.0 i tested for 2.2 to 2.1

so first of all download 2.2 firmware from the internet and aslo download quick freedom program to jailreak your ipod and simply follow the direction make sure to do that but when u restore ur ipod press ctrl + right click to find ur 2.2 firmware then when u find that fellow the direction and then u r done u'll get ur ipod 2.2 firmware.

i upgraded to 3.0 beta and it
1 will not activate leaving it useless, yes i did register as a developer but lack leopard and now find out its $99 to become a developer
2 it will not downgrade in dfu mode
3 Remember the first Motorola cellphone? THE BRICK
4 Apple has put greed ahead of service, they currently owe me 7 itunes songs yet to be received after months...
5 use a prepaid credit card with $1 and go nuts at the app store, it takes at least half an hour to catch up to you

dear sir i have no developer account but i am install 3.0 fw please help me

I went and spent $99 its much cheaper in Canada, like $81 US,..
I have a few spots to help those who screwed up like me. I need your UUID, or IMEI #.
Help is limited, please its Sunday an equal donation to the poor who dont have iPhones
and a kind donation to my SDK development class
reach me @

After installing this 3.0 firmware BETA to an ipod touch(1st gen), is it posible to restore to the current 2.2 etc?

u dont use the beta iphone 3.0 os on touch! thats how ur getting f'ed up. us the ipod touch 3.0 beta! im rockin it as we speak! listening to my stereo bluetooth! there is a different firmware for each generation device u just have to use the right words in google! and no im not giving links!

haha the thing is, I have not yet upgraded to 3.0 hah
u using iphone or ipod touchj

can i just turn my wifi out? will that be enough?

yeah it will be

Hey guys, for those who want to try and install the new iPhone 0S 3.0 firmware, it is possible if you register with the apple dev program which will cost you $99.

Fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative (only $6) ! I have done this today and it works! All you need to do is register your UDID (unique identifier) of your device (iPhone v1, 3G, iPod touch 1st or 2nd gen) on this site :


I have now a working iPhone OS 3.0 with copy/paste, MMS and tethering ! Woot ! iPhone OS 3.0 rocks and is much more stable than the previous 2.x betas !

I was a genius and bricked my iphone 2 days ago and was stuck until i found the website They had me up and running in no time and i now have complete access to their Apple developers account with my own user ID and password. It was worth it, just my 2 cents for anyone who is in the same boat i was.

how do u update the ipod touch to 2.0 or higher with out paying for it.

can someone give me info how to jail break the ipod

try quick freedom if you have 2.2 idk about 3.0

OK i have The 2g iTouch and i wanna install 3.0 beta 5 I'm running 2.2.1 and i want this for the bluetooth capability because i have the motorola S9 headset and it dosnt work with 2G because it uses a speaker when no plug is in the 3.5mm hole

so i need some advise should i go through with it?
and will i be able to get bluetooth discovering by then?

i got bluetooth on 3.0 beta 5 but the thing is i cant activate the iTouch2g to put music on any alternatives to put music on?

hi, i have jailbroken ipod touch 2g on 2.2.1.. installed 3.0 on itunes 8.11, went ok but then gave 0xE80005D error when trying to connect for 1st time, now i cant restore (says i need newer itunes and no software available), or when i try to restore with shift it stops at preparing ipod and my itouch has a white screen.. help plz!!! send me mail at thx alot

did u try downloading itunes but before that unistall itunes then again download it

i upgraded my iphone 3g to 3.0. now its unactivated. what can i do to downgrade it again to 2.2.1

to jailbreak 2g 2.2.1 use redsn0w

I have a question if anybody can answer it that I have a Ipod touch 1g and I want to upgrade it 2.1 or higher.Now the question is how I can do it on the itouch without using the computer? I would just use the wifi. Please send me an e-mail to
thank you

i tried updating my ipod 2g with 3.0 it went well until the end when trying to conect to itunes again it gave an error (0xE80005D) and did not connect. im trying do get 2.2.1 now but would you please help me i really want 3.0 i have a mac running on 10.5.6 please!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!

It says error 13 and i cant restore to (im doing 4.0 beta for ipod touch 2g) 4.0 with this trick.

thats because with the newer itunes you HAVE TO verify it with apple

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