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MotionCAPTCHA - Easier, More Practical Approach To Annoying CAPTCHA'S

CAPTCHA's are a necessary evil, nobody likes them but they are needed to thwart away the real evil. Various alternative solutions to image based CAPTCHA's are now being developed and tested to make things as simple as possible for humans still protecting automated exploitation of web-services.

MotionCAPTCHA is one such promising development, the jQuery CAPTCHA plugin is based on the HTML5 Canvas Harmony procedural drawing tool and requires users to sketch the shape they see in the canvas in order to submit a form.


At the moment, MotionCAPTCHA is just a proof-of-concept and uses client-side gesture recognition, the next releases will feature the ability to use this in production environments as a serious CAPTCHA alternative.

Motion CAPTCHA :


CAPTCHA are annoying and a little time consuming, but do provide needed security. A few forums i joined required CAPTCHA as a pre-registration and a pre-reply/quote on a thread this is to ward off spammer from joining in or mucking up the thread. The "latest" CAPTCHA make it harder to see cause of its double word copy over each other, I personally can not tell if the letter is a C or E or G. This next version known as MotionCAPTCHA is ganna make it interesting, If you click on the link and click on there MotionCAPTCHA example and try it out yourself you will see it wont be easy to master. But if you have a tablet, touchscreen phone or touch screen computer and with acouple of practice you might get the hang of it. I am having a tough time keeping my curser in the line trying to make a near complete circle.

Has anybody ever tried animated CAPTCHA? It would be easier to see a CAPTCHA if it were just regular characters floating around in say a .gif image. And perhaps you could just blur the motion so a bot couldn't just take a snapshot of it and analyze it but a human could still easily see it.

P.S. The phonetic alphabet audio CAPTCHA is a good idea but not everyone knows how to decode it. Also that voice is hard to understand, even when his is using the phonetic alphabet.

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