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Apple iPad

Microsoft's Courier Booklet Demo Video

Citrix Virtualization Application To Run Windows 7 From Apple iPad

Apple iPad has been a media hit with massive publicity during the recent announcement event, however after the announcement iPad bashing started due to it's limited functionality and non-support for prominent web-technologies like Adobe Flash - thanks to Citrix a virtualization software solution provider it seems all this can be changed with use of Citrix Receiver virtualization application for Apple iPad to run a instance of Windows 7 on the platform.

Apple iPad Running Microsoft Windows 7 In Virtual Mode

Even Hitler Hates Apple iPad !

Hitler has been dreaming about the day Apple tablet was to be announced but after seeing Apple iPad he was not pleased :

Apple iPad - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Apple iPad BoxYesterday's Apple event was covered LIVE on this blog providing you with latest up-to-the-minute updates of the event as Apple iPad specifications, price and features got unveiled, today I will be sharing a complete round-up of websites and videos with individual expert opinions covering all the good, the bad and the ugly about the newest iDevice so you can decide whether to go buying it or not.

Complete Roundup Of Apple iPad Videos :

Apple iPad Official Video

Apple iPad - Price, Features, Images And Videos

Apple iPad LogoSteve Jobs has finally unveiled their highly anticipated tablet computing device as Apple iPad at the ongoing Live Apple announcement event, here are few original images showing Apple iPad in action.

Apple iPad High-res Image

Watch Apple Event Live As Steve Jobs Announces iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is going to unveil his latest creation at Today's Apple event, the highly rumored Apple Tablet computer has yet to get an officially confirmed name but with highly anticipated names like iTablet, iPad and iSlate the world is eagerly waiting to watch the Apple announcement event today to see what the company has to offer.

You can catch the news as it happens at today's Buena Gardens Apple Event via the Live Streaming Video Coverage below (after the jump) starting from following times world-over :

Date : 27th January 2010
Apple Announcement Live Streaming Start Time :

  • Central : 12:00 PM
  • Hawaii : 07:00 AM
  • Pacific : 10:00 AM
  • Eastern : 01:00 PM
  • Mountain : 11:00 AM
  • London : 06:00 PM
  • Mumbai : 11.30 PM
  • Singapore : 02:00 AM (January 28th)
  • Tokyo : 03:00 AM (January 28th)

Apple Tablet To Be Named iPad With $999 Price Tag, iPhone OS 4.0 Features Revealed !

With announcement of the January, 27 Apple event rumor-mill is once again hot with claims from trusted sources regarding various aspects of upcoming new product and software update release from the company, here is a short post summarizing all the trusted rumors.

Today's top rumor comes from BoyGenuisReport which has always been a primary source of exclusive insider Apple news and once again they have came up with some exclusive iPhone OS 4.0 details received via one of their trusted Apple contact.

iPhone OS 4.0 Screen

Apple Tablet And iPhone OS 4.0 Launch Coming This January 27 !

Apple Tablet Could Be Called iSlate


News of Apple's rumored tablet computer once again got fire when MacRumors revealed a possible trademark registration named 'iSlate' accompanied with 'Magic Slate', according to the reports the names were trademarked by Slate Computing, LLC in November 2006 which seems to be a proxy corporation used to secretly get the trademarks.

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