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Load2All - Free Mass File-Mirroring Service With Auto-Splitting For Unlimited File-Upload Size

Load2AllThere are quite a few file-mirror services and utilities like UploadJockey, RapidSpread and Zoom’s File & Image Uploader which makes multi-host file-uploading as easy it can get, but all new free file mass-mirror service Load2All is going to be the new favorite of everybody with its unique feature of unlimited file upload size as the service takes care of auto-splitting your files and uploading them to 19 popular file-hosters.

Load2All Mass Mirror Service Supporting Unlimited File Upload Size

Apart from the handy automatic file-splitting and upload functionality the service also allows users to specify there Rapidshare collector account details so files get uploaded to their accounts and they can earn Rapidshare points.

After upload File2Load provides users with a single link to share all parts of their file from any mirror.


I just wished they have the remote upload function....

Rapidshare Security Lock must be turned off.
Your account information will not be stored!



This is a really neat site thanks. I have been using as my favorite file mirroring site. They have password protection, custom file info, file ratings, and comments. Does this site have that as well? Do you also have to download something to put the file back together?

i am looking for some uploader like this which can upload on sites like mediafire too...

and the CAPTCHA is 99% impossible so no way to download

where is download....?????????????

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