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Spy Invisible Yahoo Users & Track Their IM Usage !

Wanna check if your Yahoo buddy is avoiding you and hiding using the invisible mode ? not anymore, there exist several web based and desktop solution to spy your yahoo buddy list.


Currently in ALPHA this fantastic FREE online service allows you to track online/offline activity of Yahoo messenger users in previous 24 hours, You can track 12 different yahoo id's with one account, the user activity is automatically updated every 10 minutes, users will be considered as online even if they are invisible to any number of people (not everyone). Being "on sms" and "on mobile" will also be considered as online.
Yahoo History Tracker >>


Yahoo Invisible Tracker

A easy to use online service to check Yahoo Invisible Status.
Yahoo Invisible Scanner >>

Buddy Spy

Yahoo Spy

Buddy Spy is a free desktop software which can keep track of what other Yahoo Messenger! users are doing, even if they are in Invisible or Stealth Mode. The program shows if the user is online, what chat room they are in (if any) and if their web cam is online. It is able to do this by connecting to Yahoo! Messenger's servers and using its YMSG protocol. Sending carefully crafted packets, and listening to their responses. Buddy Spy's Feature list includes:
  • Stealth Checking
  • Room Checking
  • Webcam Checking

Download Buddy Spy >>

Alternatively you can also check the status using the manual method, just replace the YAHOO-ID-TO-CHECK with the original yahoo id you want to track in the url below:


all above sites are not working anymore

this 1 is still good is never busy and has other tricks

Thanks for the link buddy.

Take Care.

you can find yahoo status (online , oflline , invisible) in this site Yahoo invisible detector it's works great.

All this scanning sites and software has support for all windows version....I wanna know how to check Invisible who is using yahoo messenger on Mac OSX...

I'm on mac too.. I was looking for a plug-in but could not find one of course.. but i found this site.. once u register u can add up to 10 or so ID's and it checks their status.. it really does let u know if there invisible but sometimes u just have to keep refreshing. this site is the best 100% goog results try it

Follow this link Detect Invisible Status if you wanna see if the other yahoo users are online/offline or invisible. You can download their avatar too.

Hey guys,

The information you have Given is wonderful. All sites are working perfectly.

- Sri

You can try this new website too: Detect Invisible. Works fine with me.

Check who is invisible Works Perfect :

Find your invisible friends in yahoo! messenger with has been sent %100 true response! check it ;)

This one is wrong I tested it and shows me offline and I am not. Thanks though

What do you say about ? It has many cool tools and always works.

So far this is the one tracker that works best. I always test the trackers using my own id, this one was right 90% of the time.

Invisible Yahoo Status Detector

For yahoo status check and detect i use Yahoo Status Scan . It's the best yahoo invisible checker!And it has a new feature!

just try its very good ;) and you can also download your buddy avatar

all sites work great.thank


You can add this website too , Yahoo Status Checker at , works perfect everytime .

I use Yahoo Invisible which is not very popular, but it's stable and never busy. I'm happy with it.

I use that it's famous and old to have enough experience , It's mever busy and the most accurate website for detecting invisibles I've ever seen

Also you can try

I personally use, and I found it excellent.
Gorgeous interface, fast.

They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detect Invisible.Me. i found this website its awesome man, working very good

Budy spy is not working! can any one tell me how can i scan at one go if all my frens are online.

I use Yahoo Invisible because it has an hi5 advanced detector too. (detector avansat hi5)

best site to find,scan,detect,trace the invisible in yahoo messenger in

MessTracker is the best web based service that allows you to track online/offline/invisible status of any yahoo messenger account (max. 2accounts, 3 months period history,10 min scan interval)

I want to get a list of one month of status of id's so its not just to know it for a while let me check this last one
if it works then it would be a great time for me am going to see this now

let me try it now

webmailhacker_king you can check invisible so accurately , quickly and see avatar

Does anyone have a tool out there that will show you if the user is idle?

try Byeloo too! - Yahoo Invisible Status Detector

Check yahoo invisible users at


Use , It’s 100% accurate , And it's never busy. (Detect Invisible Yahoo! Messengers Users at , No One Can Hide From You Anymore)

how can i show offline even people are finding with spydetectors.
My frnds are using spy detectors,Is there any way to show my yahoo id always offline even with spydetectors

when users put themselves on "I'm on SMS" it always shows
as "ONLINE" whereas actually buddy is offline that time.

How to detect it ?

The best Yahoo Invisible Detector scanner 100% accurate.

use .it's 100% accurate . it's the best

check id, download avatar, hi5 profile also displayed

it is ok! you can check multiple ID-s in the same time

hey guys,

i have been spying on my girlfriend through these "yahoo invisible detector" web links. it's working, however, i have to tell ya guys that i am sure there are some programs which shows her that someone is checking on her through these invisible checkers!! i completely am sure of that but i can't tell how in here. i have searched a lot to find that program and i still haven't found any!!

does anyone know what program shows when someone checks on you by yahoo invisible?! please help in here!!

thank you

Follow this link Detect Yahoo Invisible Status if you wanna see if the other yahoo users are online/offline or invisible. You can download their avatar too.

I want you to know is work again. The problem was fixed.

Last search on google gave this

New yahoo invisible scanner which will shows real status, whether they are really offline or invisible, it shows Cartoon Avatar also(if available)

has anyone found a site that allows you to track YIM activity of an ID in previous 24 hours? and maybe to whom the user talked.... general spying application that doesn't require installation on the user's computer. Thanks!

i am using yahoo detectors for years now but i have this very strange experience lately. AT times that i know my bf will be OL, his id will appear invisible. i sent him messages but didn't ven bother to reply. we often fought about this one because he insisted that he's offline. then he gave me his PW. the next day when i checkd his stat, he's invisible again. but after 20 mins, got no reply. i opened his ID and received all of my messages. Meaning the whole time that detectors say he's invisible, he's really not. do you know any program that can be detected by those detectors? please help me.

Why don’t you try: , not only check online, offline, invisible, it can also get the avatar of the victim, add friend, view profile and chat with victim. Try it. is cool, thanks

Detect invisible users on Yahoo Messenger,Detect invisible Yahoo Messenger IDs in Who is invisible ( )

Invisible Scanner it still works.

You can try!

Apart from detecting offline / online status is there any simpler way to trace the location of the yahoo chat user.

Please do let me know.

Thanks in advance.


i use a mac and i want a tool like buddy spy for windows. i want to check a person if it's online or not, but also i want to see if it's in any chat room and with who. It's that can possible to do on a mac system ?

Thanks in advance.. is the ultimate yahoo status detector.

join if you want to see who is invisible on yahoo messenger

Yahoo invisible status detector: - 100% accurate.

try to use .it's 100% accurate.

100% WORK

I have tested every link with me being online invisible and it shows I am offline.
Any one has an working detector link?

check your yahoo buddy status at invisible scanner

Find Yahoo Messenger status now at

it is 2014 lol does ANYONE have a status checker that actually works anymore.. and does anyone have a way to check alias's?

It's very easy process to change your yahoo account.Given link will help you to change your yahoo account password.

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