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Zevera Multi Hoster Premium Downloader Offers A Full Year Of Free Downloading

Zevera offer

So, are you ready to celebrate… 2014? You sure think: is this a joke? Well… not at all! Because Zevera’s new Offer gives you a whole year’s downloading FOR FREE so you will be downloading straight through 2013 AND 2014!!

If you love downloading files with, the revolutionary multi-hoster, you absolutely cannot miss this offer!

When everybody will be celebrating 2013 you will celebrate 2014 as well, because with each one year premium Account you buy, Zevera gives you one more for FREE!

How: Just register at, the revolutionary multihoster, and get yourself a year Premium Account. Automatically you will get one more year for free- no Offer Code, whatsoever, needed!

When: The transaction must take place between the 15thof December, 2012 to 2nd of January, 2013. So, don't waste any more time!

Who: This offer is addressed to everybody: new users and existing users, just as long they purchase their year account during this specific period.


This Offer is not working.
The Link is redirected to :

... So it's basically 2 years for €65.99.
But will they still be around in 2 years? Considering how many other services like this went down.

and they are not good anymore,,,,they were good before,,now all hosters are mostly offline,,,,,,i am using other services,,,,,they are the best of all out there

so does anyone know how this works??? wheres the link or code or whatever.

how to avail one year premium account after registration.?

You need to purchase a year account to get the promotional upgrade, also judging from the comments about there services does not seem to be worth purchasing as of now !!

not working...

I tried it already, but I need to buy. not working.

I have used Zevera and Real-Debrid and they are not stable.
Some days they worked good and some other days they didn't work at all.
Also they didn't support some important hosters like nitroflare & keep2share.
Last week I found a new multihoster site which work stable and supports all important hosters
nitroflare,keep2share,uploaded,rapidgator and 100+ more.

Really wish you would share which one you are talking about. I'm sick of & I really need nitroflare & keep2share!

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