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Apple iWatch

While rumors of an Apple branded smart-watch are circulating all over the internet, here is an fun take on it from Joy Of Tech.


Full comic posted below (click read more below).

[Video] Amazing Things People Do - 2012

First day of the New Year 2013, and here is an awesome video compilation of some amazing acts from the past year giving you an inspiration what can be done in new year.

[Video] My Blackberry Is Not Working

A funny video on Blackberry, Apple and Dongles !!! Do watch it till the end ;)

Introducing Buyral - The secret ingredient making things go viral

The biggest power of internet is the social-media and the viral nature associated with it. Here is an hilarious parody video showing the science behind viral videos.

Buyral” is changing the viral landscape with innovative clicking technology which will eventually make viewers obsolete !!

The Awesome Apple iPhone 5 Store Banner....

Ever imagined why would anyone buy Apple iPhone 5, well this could be one answer :

Apple fun

[Video] - Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has been a huge improvement to it's ancestors, it's faster, sleeker, feature rich and good looking. Microsoft advertised IE9 as a faster and future technology proof application with smooth animations and HTML5 magic. Now, here is a funny parody take on that commercial labelled "Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version".

IE9 Commercial

[Videos] Things People Do - Apple iPhone 5 as an basketball and Vs .50 Cal Bullet

We can understand that everybody is not happy with Apple iPhone 5, but using it as an basketball or shooting it with 0.50 CAL bullet is something very extreme. Anyways, here are two videos of iPhone 5 torture - while they are no doubt extreme but are a fun to watch ;)

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