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Downgrade iPhone Firmware 2.2 To 2.1

Apple iPhone Firmware 2.2 is out now and if you ignored the do not upgrade warning for jailbroken iPhones, you must be sitting with a bricked phone by now. Sadly, since iPhone firmware update v 2.2 also updates baseband there is no easy way to restore back to firmware v 2.1, However, one of our reader Keith managed to downgrade his iPhone 3G to version 2.1 after updating to 2.2, He was kind enough to send us the full procedure as follows.

For downgrading iPhone Firmware 2.2 To an earlier version you will need to downgrade the baseband and firmware, for this following software are needed:

  1. ZiPhone patched by kIREmK (Pls. read this comment).
  2. PwnageTool 2.2.
  3. Apple iTunes.
  4. Firmware IPSW file : 2.1 firmware 3G or 2.1 firmware 2G.

Once you have got all the above softwares, follow the process below:

  1. Use Ziphone to downgrade the baseband using the settings as shown below.
  2. Downgrade iPhone Firmware
  3. Now restore the firmware to an earlier version using the IPSW file via iTunes, if you receive errors during this procedure simply ignore and proceed further.
  4. iPhone Update Error 1013
  5. Now, use PwnageTool to unlock and jailbreak using the same firmware flash file used to restore in previous step.
  6. Your iPhone should be jailborken and unlocked now.

This process has not been verified, proceeding with the above steps can permanently damage your device, If you followed the process, kindly post back you results.

UPDATE # 1: You can also try using the iPhone Downgrade Method discussed earlier, just use the 2.1 firmware file now.

Now you can unlock the iPhone 3G, steps here.

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ziphone by kirem gets stuck on recovery mode.. how long is it supposed to take to downgrade the baseband?

I have tried firmwares 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1 & now 2.2 but its giving NO SERVICE, i did jailbroked with winpwn (the iclarified one) then tried baseband downgrade but nothings work for me. Then I tried making custom firmware without checking off the youtube activate and Activate iphone, but still doesnt work :-(
Please help me out guys...

Got stuck, I don't think it accessed the iphone as the recovery mode splash didn't change.

i tried it and i got that error message shown in the screenshot (i didnt follow that link to get ziphone i used a different version that has that same look) well i got that same error "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way" and i just figured it probobly wasnt gonna work and stopped there but it didnt make my phone stuck i dont think it did anything to it...

I get the same screens as above - including the 1013 error which is exactly what I got before and it does not restore 2.1
In fact ziphone does not appear to do anything :(

Tried again (this time I selected iErase as well.
Still got the 1013 Error but it worked! :D

I'm now back to 2.1


Many thanks

Do you use the iPhone 3G whith turbosim?

I have the iPhone 3G with turbosim. And i have updated to 2.2 my iPhone 3G. My iPhone 3G can not to phone because 2.2 contain updaiting a modem. I don't know how i can resolove this problem. Please help me if somebody is know how it done.

ZiPhone just sits there doing nothing. I suggest you check your baseband version as I suspect its still 2.28 even though the iPhone is 2.1.

Please people dont waste your time with this.

Does now! :)
Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 11/22/2008 - 11:30.
Tried again (this time I selected iErase as well.
Still got the 1013 Error but it worked! :D

I'm now back to 2.1


Many thanks

Did the baseband changed? You are able to downgrade the baseband too

are you sure because i tried that and i keep getting stuck on the recovery it supposed to do that? if so how long and could you please post the link you used to download zphone? thanks!

I used version 3, a full GUI version here's the link:

were you using a 3g iphone for this? last question sorry lol

yes using with iPhone 3G. The firmware downgraded but baseband didn't!

I followed this process step by step. The ZiPhone programme did stay on but as iTunes launched and wanted me to restore the firmware, I went on to step 2. The ZiPhone programme then closed a couple of minutes into step 2. Then went on to step 3 after click OK on the error and hey presto my iPhone is back in 2.1 and fully jailbroken. appears the the baseband didn't get downgraded. What this means is the iPhone is now on firmware 2.1 and i can use it with Itunes etc. However my turbosim still doesn't work.

Does anyone have any ideas??

I followed this process like you. And my turbosim still does not work. Because iPhone 3G could not be downgraded. Yes, you can to back your Iphone 3G in 2.1 and it will be fully jailbroken. Bit turbosim will not work!

I have not idea how I can resolve this problem. I think we have to waiting news from DevTeam. It will be next monday.

I followed the instructions closely the quickpwn and itunes steps were flawless however the initial step with ZiPhone doesnt work. It just sits there after putting your phone into recovery mode and doesnt do anything.

Are there any better instructions or a link to ZiPhone that actually works??

I also followed the instructions but Ziphone get stuck after putting the phone into recovery mode

Any suggestions?

I too am having the same issue as other posters. I can successfully downgrade to 2.1 but the baseband is not downgraded either which means I can't use my turbosim :( I'm not sure that there is any solution to this as from what I can gather the baseband cannot be downgraded in 2.2. Please someone tell me I'm wrong?

i used pwntools and that worked as well to restore the 2.1 firmware and ipod and wifi capabilities, but only for the firmware, i think we're going to have to wait for a baseband solution

how is everybody getting that ziphone thing to work its not working for me...=( can someone post step by step instructions please

can not get it to downgrade, been trying for hours :(

I think it's time to give up and wait for the Dev Boys to come up with something that works. I've been trying all last night and all day today and cannot get the baseband to downgrade.

I suggest you just enjoy your iPhone as an iTouch until a reliable baseband downgrade method is posted or the TurboSIM people release a hardware sim hack that works on 2.2 firmware.

I hope the Dev Boys can help us. Because a lot of people done it. And they can use the iPhone 3G as the iTouch.

I have been trying all day today to downgrade the baseband. But i haven't made it yet. We only can wait for a while. ((((

do you know if exists a version of
ZiPhone patched by kIREmK
for mac ??

I've had my iPhone 3G for a while, and since I'm supporting it in 2nd line I've kept it original. But yesterday I finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone. Well, it was nice and I found out how much a locked iPhone is missing.
Well, not having the time to scan iPhoneforums and such I got the news that the 2.2 FW was released and asked if I wanted to upgrade to it. So I did. And about 2 mins after hitting the upgrade button my friends shouts on MSN "Whatever you do, do NOT upgrade your FW"... Well.. What can I say. Can't downgrade it =/ Been trying since yesterday. Can't get ZiPhone to work either (running Vista Ultiamte)... Guees I'm stuck with a 10% iPhone for a while...


This is fake, its a solution for 2G phones, copied and labeled 3G, which it dont work for.
When you get 2.2 you get a new baseband, its not (as of today) possible to downgrade.

If you use Turbosim/Rebelsim or any other hardware-unlock method, your screwed.

You can still downgrade to 2.1 and use WiFi, but as for using it as a phone, either your hard-unlock provider need to make a new firmare, dev team, or your really screwed (never gonna get the phone to work again with your non-auth provider)

This just does not work.

I managed to get it not working as a phone at all on 2.1 so have reverted to 2.2. At least I can use it on O2 on 2.2 :(

The Dev Team did warn us not to upgrade so owe us nothing. They might decide not to bother hacking 2.2! I hope they think we're worth it!

Don't even ask me I used the applications in here and I was getting really frustrated after having to go back to 2.2 many times and starting again I finally kinda got got quickpwn working but then it quit and I was in restore mode and when I tried to upgrade again to 2.2 it came with error 2001. I figured I'd try DFU mode and Im not sure if I did the right button sequence but it got the apple and went into the 2.1 software! So surprised but unjailbroken. Thats fine I have a mac so I did it with pwnage tool. Just wondering if my baseband is downgraded or not.

Settings/About-> modemfirmware = 02.28.00 = version 2.2

im using a mac and i have quickpwn 2.1

i had 2.2 and wanted jailbreak back...i plugged it into quickpwn and it recognized my iphone 3g right away and i proceeded it act like it was 2.1 and i wanted to jailbreak.. i put it into recovery mode and and it uploaded my 2.1 jailbreaken software easily by itself

i have 2.2 and now it has cydia and installer....i used quickpwn 2.1 and everything is the same its weird

so are we completely hopeless to unlock or is there still some hope

The Dev-Team do work fast, and preliminary results are already in.
In their latest blog they mention a new way to hack the upgrade to 2.2,
and go on saying that the baseband problem should be resulted in the "near future"
after they perform enough testing....

some of us here in Israel are also desperately waiting with iTouches to return to their old iPhone states...

So many jumped to upgrade to 2.2 so fast...especially when Dev Team can't unlock 2.1 yet????

We know we were stupid.
I didn't expect 2.2 to stop my SIM Adapter working though. We live and learn.
But I doubt we are that high on the Dev Teams priority list.

Yes, I was really stupid to update it. Aftre that I've tried using this method, but no luck. Baseband downgrade is impossible right now.

The problem is, after I restored my iphone 3g, I couldn't activate my iphone again, so only emergency call, which means one step back instead of returning to the initial setting.

I spent one day to go back at least to the "ipod touch" status, but it was not possible. Finally with QuickPWN I was able to activate, so right now I have an iPhone 3G with Cydia and Installer, and 2.2 firmware with the most actual basband, which is 2.28.00

I think we have to wait for an another proxy sim solution. This baseband will take forever to be unlocked I suppose.

Right now, my aim is to sell this iPhone as soon as possible, and buy an official sim unlocked iPhone from Italy, Turkey or Belgium...

I followed the instructions and it doesn't downgrade the baseband... It's back to 2.1 and unlocked, but still has the 2.28.00

I think we have to wait for a way to go back to the baseband, Right now, it is not possible.

My question is, are we going to see another proxy-sim update?

HELP--How to you downgrade the iphone 2.2 baseband? I have downloaded the back to 2.1 but need a lower baseband!! What do I do?

Right now, there is no way of going back to the old baseband. I know it sucks, but we can only wait....

It's our own fault - guess we shouldn't have been so impatient. You can now upgrade tp 2.2 without upgrading the BaseBand. Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade at the moment an das of yet the SIM adapters don't work. I wonder which will come first!

I downloaded the ZiPhone software from here

There are a lot of folks who need help getting back our Iphones- Hopefully, someone will find a way to get the proxy sim problem fixed. I miss my iphone already. Haven't seen any solutions that work on the web as of yet.

I made same mistake and upgraded I phone and now my turbosim does not work, by reading this discussion, I came to conclusion that there is no point since i will not be able to downgrade base board and my turbosim will not work, if any one know the go around please post here

Is anyone know when can run any software to downgrade baseband and do turbo sim works again ?

Yes I managed to update to 2.2 I have a UK 3G iphone which I was using in Thailand with a turbosim and it came up with 'No service' only excuse is pure ignorance :P

I'm gutted but it still works with the O2 sim card, which I suppose is a blessing, but I really can't afford to pay thier ridiculous roaming charges (I'm not as rich as apple!!!) so I am hoping some clever peps out there come out with a turbosim that will work with 2.2 and trust me after that I will never even keep the bloody thing in the same room as a computer with itunes on it let alone update it!!

Hmm its just put me off buying another apple product again, not a great way to treat customers who have spent alot of money!!!


please don't waste your time with this damn blog; it's fake.. rip off, works with no one. ZIPHONE isn't working...

I guess the poster has written that it has not been tested, I am a regular reader of this blog and loves the tips shared here.

Allright, done is done .. right now im sitting on an AT&T iphone in sweden.
When i realized that my iphone didn't find my operator i tryed to restore it in itunes, hoping that it would help. Now i have a phone that i can't even register (and use as a ipod touch).
My question though, if anybody has an idee ... would my "unregisterd" iphone be any harder to unlock if the iphone dev would come up with a solution ?
Another question is: probebly the iphone dev team will try to come up with a solution. iPhones that are sold from now on will use the 2.2 firmware and for thouse user a new hack will be necessary? I mean it probebly is of high priority?

Tor-Björn, Sweden

Hi Björn,

I've made the same mistake and lost the activation of the iphone. I tried very hard to return it back, and the I was able to jailbreak it finally.

Use QuickPWN and firmware 2.2

I made it on a Mac...

I hope another sim proxy will be available soon...

nymphe, Germany

What is the advantage of having Modem Firmware 02.11.07 instead of 02.28.00?

I thot the iphone dev team is working on Modem Firmware 01.45?

02.28.00 doesn't work with the sim prxies, like Turbo Sim or Gevey 3G...

Nice to hear! Just so I understand you correct. You jailbreaked your unregisterd 2.2 (the phone is stuck, saing the SIM ain't correct, right after you enter the PIN) with QuickPWN so that you can use it as a ipod touch. The network connection is still lost, do I understand you right?
That would be a nice improvment though, untill someone hopefully solves the baseband.


I bought my iphone from a guy in craigslist in USA. It was activated so I was able to use it as an ipod touch.

After that I went back to Germany, I bought a Gevey 3g sim proxy, I was able to use my provider. (E-plus)

Friday night I updated it through iTunes, I never thought the simproxy won't work, but after I made all of my settings, I realized that it won't work with my sim proxy. It awsn't jailbroken until then.

So, I came to this web site, I learned that there was a baseband update which screwed me, and I tried to make a downgrade. I had my girlfriends macbook with Vista on it, so I tried this modified ziPhone, but without luck.

With trying restoring the firmware I lost my activation too. So this should be your status right now.

After that I tried everything, but I couldn't install jailbroken 2.1. Actually, I couldn't install unaltered 2.1 firmware, neither.

Couple of hours later, I gave up and installed 2.2 for the 4th time with looking at the emergency call option..

As a final method, I used QuickPWN, so it hacked the 2.2 firmware, put Cydia and Installer in it, removed the activation and put it into the iPhone.

Finally, iTunes restored everything back to my iphone. What I can do now is only waiting for an another sim proxy solution. I don't think dev team can break the sim lock soon. They are still trying to hack the sim lock of the old firmware. The new one? It will definetely take a very very long time.

I hope it will work for you. I am following this page, if you have problems, just send a post here.


Thanks, I will try that right now. Only difference is that I have tryed to jailbreak my phone with pwnagetool 2.2.1 without any luck. It is still unactivated.
Get back with the result!

"Couple of hours later, I gave up and installed 2.2 for the 4th time with looking at the emergency call option.."

How do you install the 2.2 after restoring the iPhone? Since mine is unactive, the update to 2.2 don't even show in itunes?


First of all, you have to download 2.2 ipsw file from apple. You can find the link very easily if you google.

After that, you have to enter your iphone in recovery mode (or dfu mode by pressing both of the buttons for 10 seconds and then relasing the power button, and keep the home button 10 seconds more.

In order to be able to choose 2.2 fimrware, you have to click on Restore button in iTunes with option (on a mac) or shift (on a pc)- Then it will ask the location of the ipsw file you've downloaded.


Tanks alot, that worked just fine.

At least know I can enjoy the calander and the other programs at home with wifi connection!

Do you know if the at&t iphone will work with european operators that have the iphone.
Then in worst case senario I could always switch to Telia (Swedish operator that have the iphone) if a new proxy-sim or a bandbase downgrade doesn't show up.

I am happy to hear that.

I don't think so. I haven't tried it, yet, but there is a sim lock for AT&T. They don't put other phones in it.

I'll try with my Turkcell card at home. Turkcell is one of the providers in Turkey which are selling official iPhones. (with ridiculous prices of course)

But I don't give 1% chance for it... As I said earlier, I am desperately waiting for the sim proxy update.

(still in Germany, but at work, there is a proxy which sets US flag:)

Guess the pwnagetool 2.2.1 installed the 2.2 firmware without register it, because i didn't have to restore it to 2.2.
QuickPWN 2.2 however did the job! Again, thanks alot and hopefully someone else will get to use this information!

Guess the pwnagetool 2.2.1 installed the 2.2 firmware without register it, because i didn't have to restore it to 2.2.
QuickPWN 2.2 however did the job! Again, thanks alot and hopefully someone else will get to use this information!


There are no way to downgrade modem firmware. Its stay on 02.28.00 and ***SIM can't work, as hope so, yet.

So this is nothing!

There is one way to get it working again only for US though.

Break your iphone to a point of no return, won't boot or can't restore.
bring it to apple store for a exchange,
now pray and hope that the replacement still has 2.1 firmware on it,
and a very good chance of that happening, since most exchange iphone
are not brand new so of speak.

Of course, if you get a replacement with a 2.2 firmware, well what can I say :D

I had that thought before you commented. LOL.

A couple of days ago, after I removed my iPhone from the silicone case I had it in, I noticed light shining through where the metal meets the black part of the screen. I decided that would be my angle. At first the Genius told me not to worry about it and sent me off, but then I returned a half an hour later, talked to a manager politely, and said that that resolution was not satisfactory, and seeing as how I paid 300 dollars for this phone at launch, I expect it to not have a manufacturer defect.

Ta-da. He offered me a replacement, walked out of the store with a new iPhone with 2.1 and I will never EVER upgrade it again so my Gevey 3G sim will work. :D

I have tried all firmwares 1.1.4, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1 & now 2.2 but cant rid of NO SERVICE error. I did jailbroken with winpwn (iclarified)and then tried custom firmwares without checking off youtube activate option and activate iphone option, but it didnt work either. lastly I tried downgrade baseband with Kiphone GUI but still no service. Its being 15 days now Iam trying hard to get the service but Iam reallyt pissed off.!!
Please halp me out guys..!!!!

dow do i install the software ZiPhone patched by kIREmK (Pls. read this comment).
PwnageTool 2.2., on a mac?????

unfortunately, tehere is no way installing ziPhone on a mac. If you can, use boot camp.


Excuse me, didn't we all pay for these phones? Shouldn't we be allowed to do whatever we desire with the phone (at our own risk)? Apple and AT&T can shove this thing up their asses, I'm going NOKIA.

according to this blog entry, rebel sim functions with the 2.2 firmware, but without 3g. I don't need 3g internet, I want to be able to use my iphone as a phone..

can someone test it, whether rebel sim works?


Hehe, see you out searching for a solution as well.
Feels good not beeing alone =)
This I must say is the best news I've got since friday afternoon! Think I wait a couple a days and read some more though..


This could be something:

It sounds like they are pretty confident that the will succeed with the full unlock of the new BB so you want to upgrade.


I just read a post with a guy i portugal that use rebel simcard with the 2.2
Sounded like he had no problem at all. Posted to see if he has 3G as well.

Post back


:) We are not alone Björn :)

Well, as I mentioned before, I don't need the speed of 3g internet (yet). Actually my mobile service provider doesn't have 3g internet.

If the rebel sim works good, then it makes sense to use it. But it is not cheap. It is something you need to pay every time apple makes an update. Therefore iphone-dev-team are right, those sim proxies can not be trusted. As I said earlier, I am going to sell this thing as soon as possible, but first, I need a working phone...

Keep on feeding the news... We need more confirmations about this.


I download the file' open it with power archiver but when I start the "start" file it is open a dos window that says "searching for iphone"
there is no any window as shown on the instructions???
after it is find my iphone it is make "dfu" and then the itunes opened and ask me to do a restore to the phone.
Please people what should I do? how can I run the ZiPhone patched that will open a window as describe here?


....if you are trying to downgrade from 2.2 to 2.1...that is hopeless...baseband will still be the same and that means only official carrier. :( :) guys are not alone....xD

I have a same fu*king problem. And form what i had found there is no way to downgrade from 2.2 baseband to any lower i have "iTouch"...good thing is i didn't sell my other phone - Nokia 3310 (ooouuuuuu yeaaaaa...old school xD). So i will be patient and wait for some solution for this problem. Hope dev team will think of something.



I have tested 4 of Rebel sim cards on 2 iphones and can assure you they don't work.

I even updated them to the latest rebel firmware.

All that happens is the signal comes on for about 4 seconds then says no service. It's just another way of them getting money out of you to by a programmer of them.

It's a waiting game until either a baseband downgrade or a new any network device comes out.

Fingers crossed and lets hope its soon.

by the way any one who wants to get there iphone out of recovery mode just

1. switch the phone off by holding power and home page and run quickpwn.
3. power iphone by howing powerbuton 2 secs
4 quickpwn will detect the phone and restart as normal. There is no need to do anything else . so shut down quickpwn

Thank you UK, for your informative post.

Apperantly we have to win this waiting game....


Looking for a despreate solution, I found this from AnySim:

IMO i think what they mean by 2.2 unlock is for the 1st Gen iphone not for the 3G, but if anyone can confirm this or test it out it would be of great help.

Looks like these guys are on to it. HTey do not show the baseband version however so guess it could be fake..

Even if there are no solution at this point, at least I feel like there are going to be one soon! Let's hope I'm right =)


I wrote to asking to see if their adapter works with the new baseband, and this is what they replied:

"Hi, We will have an update unlock adapter within 1wks time to support the Stock Baseband update and you will see it verified with a video to prove that its working.

Best Wishes,"

we might just be in luck next week... or maybe not.

Hi everybody. After struggling for hours to downgrade my iphone from version 2.2 to version 2.1 I finally found the real way to do it.

I made a small step by step video to walk you through the process. All the links to download the files you will need are also in the link below. Hope it helps everybody. Thanks.

the site that u said is only for framework not for baseband!!sorry!!

check this:
they said that they unlocked 3g 2.2 baseband with v3 simcard!!

We Dont need a downgrade, with a downgrade all we are doing is backtracking our phones, therefore, no new technology will be available for us, what we do need is a new sim proxy, so whipp out the cash and stop being chep and buying 18 dollar sim unlockers, pay the Extra 10 for a AnyNetwork sim.

(dont mean to sound rude, but its true, neither Gevey or RebelSim have cared, dont even mention Turbo Sim, their wating on what we're waiting, to copy it off, so lets just bombared AnyNetwork with email letting them know we want a SIM THAT WORKS SO GET US ONE AND WE'LL PAY THE PRICE).

.....any solutions guys?!?!?

I didn't find nothing real. :(


great news...

hope the price is not too high, though...


I am new to the mac world and never used an iphone (Always been A Nokia guy). So got an iphone and what a fu* up.! I pay for the phone and they control where I could use it. Again I was stupid.

Back to nokia

I made the same mistake of going with iPhone.
NEVER again. Nokia has always been good to me.
Plus touching games are for perverts.

Hi guys,
I just wanted to know if there exists already a solution for our problem? What about the guys from dev-team? I searched in different forums but it seems that nobody has a solution ready... But I don't want to use my iPhone 3G just as an iPod Touch!!!
What do you think, when will we be able to use our iPhones again?

....maybe there is hope for us....

I see ebay has got the turbo sim's for 2.2 now!

... but I don't want to buy a new turbo-sim! no software solution out there?

Just placed a order for the any-network v3 proxy-sim.
This is the only solution to unlock the iphone 2.2 with upgraded baseband at this time!



I have an Any-network proxy sim (3G) for the latest 2.2 and baseband 2.28 iphone. I was hopeful of their claims and eventually got my SIM but it simply doesn't work, its claims are untrue as only some/very few of their products work and only intermittently (It's not a solution please understand this)! I managed to get it to work on Orange UK for about 5hrs without any 3G/Edge and then the signal dropped to nothing. Briefly putting the SIM card back into my regular mobile sometimes got the SIM to work again in the iphone, only to fail again a couple of hours later.

I subsequently went and bought a RebelSIM (v54i beta version) and this was definitely better. Everything was ok, 3G/Egde everything worked straight off. However, the following day I realised that I wasn't getting any SMS messages. So I contacted RebelSIM and they responded to my surprise (Having been ripped off by Any-Network, seeing as they are a bunch of amateurs and really should be avoided!) and told me to turn off 3G for the moment until they get a newer update ready. However, I have to admit the whole solution is very sketchy and intermittent and again has stopped working. So I'm hoping that RebelSIM bring out a newer version than v54i soon. That said, apparently Orange does have some more problems than the other networks but I live in hope of an update soon.


Yes...there is NEW turbosim for 2.2 because old one doesn't work. Hm...i don't know about that...


Hi Björn,

How much did you pay for the proxy sim? I am waiting for your comments, too :)


Nouveau fimware pour la rebelle sim card..

QQ sais si sa marche ???


For what I understand, neither turbosim nor rebelsimcard works with 2.2
The any-network v3 cost £29.90 if you buy one or two. With shipment it total up to £36.90


...ok...i've also ordered one v3 card from any-network.... It costs £36.90 but small price if this will bring my iphone to life... So...i will wait and report.


those cards are really expensive...

I think I am going to wait until price drops. I don't want to give 20-40 EUR each time Apple updates this.


I also ordered the new V3 card from any-network. for me, 37 pounds is a small price to pay for a fully functional 3G iphone.
the pictures in the any-network site show that it works with the orange network, which is what we have here in israel.
please keep up posted if anyone got it and saw whether it works. mine should probably take about a week to mail to here.
can't wait....

That's the wrong file you need to hunt down the proper file. The .exe needs to be an icon of a orange ipod. So hunt for has many "ZiPhone patched by kIREmK" has you can. It is the right GUI. It did take me a few hours to find this.

Google this, there are loads of links

ZiPhone patched by kIREmK 04.05.04_G

Do you think that if downgrading the iPhone 3G's baseband was this easy, the Dev-Team would know? The Dev-Team are the only ones who know how to downgrade the baseband. KiPhone doesn't even work with 2.x firmwares. If you wanted to be unlocked, you shouldn't have upgraded to 2.2. Stupid losers.

Alot of people did not know because they woke up and saw there was an update available. There were no warnings, but luckly..some of else have the cash to walk out and buy a new iphone with the old firmware.

I"m really not sure what rock you crawled out from, but don't call people losers when you don't know their circumstances. Your probably some kid living at home, picking his nose, and asking your parents for your allowance.

Everyone doesn't have to keep on say that after 2.2 update can't get service.
Can jailbreak 3g phone with 2.2 OS.
Phone function work work unless a solution comes out soon.

1. Can jailbreak 2.2, even u updated via itunes.

2. For phone function (due to baseband upgrade)

- wait for the new sims
- wait for a new app to downgrade baseband.

Period, I hope to see any if the solutions posted, not the same old problems we all know.

I tried this i hope it works....[En]_ZiPhone_patched_by_kIREmK_04.05.04_G.rar.html

Works a treat....

My iPhone was basically normal! It had only been jailbroken a while, I updated to 2.2, and it worked, but i got a no service error, now I get a No sim error, and its stuck in DFU mode.... wtf?

Hey ALL,

I have found a supplier of Turbo SIM cards that work 100% with the 2.2 update!! SERIOUSLY!! I have the pictures to prove it!! I have tried it out over 20 times with T-Mobile and they work like a charm!! Contact me at phoneunlockdoc at yahoo dot com.

Dear All,
i am also one of you who are using their Iphone 3g as Itouch. update me if you gets any solution to overcome with this id is

Yes, the new sim is out.

1. 3G iphone updated to 2.2 via itunes

2. Jail broke 2.2 with qpwn.

3. No service= expensive ipod

4. Had no service until today 12/1...

5. Found the new sim that works for 2.2 update + baseband update

However, after 2.2 update (including baseband update) u have to jail break it with qpwn 2.2.

The reception is so full !!!

Thanks to the brain'rs of the iphone.

1 - Are you in the U.S.?
2 - Does it need to be jailbroken in order to work?
3 - how quick did you get it and from where?



I have an official open line sim Free iphone 3G (which cost me a lot) but after the update to 2.2 I have been experiencing problems with receiving SMS messages and my 3G network won't work properly with me. Really strange. I believe it has something to do with the baseband modem firmware update.

I am in the Philippines using a phone which I bought in Australia.

Suddenly for no reason at all my incoming SMS messages work now. Erratic behaviour. However I am still unable to use my 3G network. Another thing is that when I swtch on 3G, my SMS incoming signals go on the blink and I am unable to receive or messages are delayed considerably.

Also WIFI is acting up a bit.

I've tried restoring several times already but still the same. Never had this problem in the beginning with the stock 2.1 firmware this iphone came with. I have very strong suspicion it is the baseband version 2.2 (version 02.28.00) that is the culprit. I just have to find a way to downgrade the modem baseband version back to 02.11.07. Or I hope Apple will come up with a proper "fix" to this.

This is getting to be a nuisance.

Sorry to tell you and so sad to say....

This is a really strange situation.

I had service for 1 day.
Next day I woke up, came back to no service.

I tried everything and after 30 minutes got back service.

At night, while I was having dinner the service dropped to no service again!!!???

Now I am stuck with no service.

I'll try tomorrow.

However, this is really strange.

Hope someone finds out about this.

anyone received their V3 already? I've ordered mine November 27 and I haven't received mine.

Print view

Purchase Order
Any Network
18 Parliament Street
Wigan, WN8 0LN

Order Information
Order Number: 000****
Order Date: 28 November 2008
Order Status: Confirmed
Customer Information
Bill To
Company :
Full Name : ==========
Address : ==========

City : dallas
State/Province/Region : TX
Zip/Postal Code : ======
Country : USA
Phone : =========
Fax :
Email :
Ship To
Company :
Full Name : =======
Address : ===============

City : dallas
State/Province/Region : TX
Zip/Postal Code : ===========
Country : USA
Phone : ---------------
Fax :

Shipping Information
Carrier Shipping Mode Price
Royal Mail Worldwide 3-4 days £6.95(USD $10.34)

Order Items

Qty Name SKU Price Total
1 NEW:iPhone 3g 2.2 firmware unlock - V3 V3Device £29.95(USD $44.55) £29.95(USD $44.55)

SubTotal : £29.95(USD $44.55)
Shipping and Handling Fee : £6.95(USD $10.34)


Total: £36.90(USD $54.89)


Tax Total : £0.00(USD $0.00)


Payment Information
Payment Method : PayPal

Sorry your order has not been assigned a tracking number. Please call back later

Purchase Order
Any Network
18 Parliament Street
Wigan, WN8 0LN

Order Information
Order Number: ********
Order Date: 28 November 2008
Order Status: Confirmed
Customer Information
Bill To
Company :
Full Name : **********
Address : ***********

City : dallas
State/Province/Region :
Zip/Postal Code :
Country : USA
Phone : *********
Fax :
Email : **********
Ship To
Company :
Full Name : ****************
Address : **********

City : dallas
State/Province/Region :
Zip/Postal Code : **********
Country : USA
Phone : *********
Fax :

Shipping Information
Carrier Shipping Mode Price
Royal Mail Worldwide 3-4 days £6.95(change currency)

Order Items

Qty Name SKU Price Total
1 NEW:iPhone 3g 2.2 firmware unlock - V3 V3Device £29.95(change currency) £29.95(change currency)

SubTotal : £29.95(change currency)
Shipping and Handling Fee : £6.95(change currency)


Total: £36.90(change currency)


Tax Total : £0.00(change currency)


Payment Information
Payment Method : PayPal

Sorry your order has not been assigned a tracking number. Please call back later

All you have to do is update the rebel sim card firmware and then you cant use the 3g functions, only the 2g. but I am using it and it works perfectly to make and receive calls.

I tried lots of times to erase my Iphone and could not manage to make it work. I stuck with the brick now. Hope to find something to erase baseband soon!!!

Whoever have purchased the V3 device form will never recieve the device - the company have scammed you!!

They will take your money but will never send you anything, most likely because they have lied and do NOT have a working solution for V2.2 I
live in the UK and purchased it on 27/11/08 - as soon as it came out. As the company is based in the UK I should have been the first to recieve it - but its now 03/12/08 and have not recieved anything!!!

They will not reply to your e-mails and whenever you call the support team your call just get forwared to a voicemail. I advise nobody to purchase through this website and if you have already try and get a refund through paypal or your credit card company!

Also take a look at this link: scam | Internet Marketing - SEO- SEM - Technology, Google



I'm using the GEVEY 3G sim on my iphone 3G. I've updated to FW 2.2, then it got locked. I used the dev boys' FW 2.2 jailbreak method, it worked successfully, the apps working fine, wifi going great, contacts intact...YET no network service along with the GEVEY 3G.

However, once in a while i would turn off then back on my iphone 3G, for a minute, there would be service available on my iphone...but it is only for a while....STRANGE!!

Well i hope the Dev boys would help us all those using the Gevey and Turbo sim.

anybody tried this yet ?

I am a resller of the rebel sim, and I've sold over a hundred of rebel programmable sim to 3G users and it works with no problem with 2.28.00 baseband 3G iphone.
I am using it on my own 3G iphone. The rebel sim need to be reprogram for the 2.2 update then it will work fine.

I have been doing a lot of reasearch, I have found that any seller that sells you a sim that you require to restore with their own customer firmware wont work such as The mott and Rebel sim. Their 2.2 firmware is made so that the baseband doesn't update at the time fo updating. For all of us that already updated through Itunes is useless because we already have the updated baseband. this is the best one I have found so far with a reliable manufacturer

CAUTION : The above network is reported to be a SCAM, Pls. read comments above.

They support the 2.28.00 baseband, be careful before purchasing beacause a lot of sellers are trying to get your money and then they can say, "didn't you see the small print where it says do not update with 2.2 but use our 2.2"

did you get the any-sim all ready? because i order it and is the time i dont get any ting

Your comment is only partially correct, if you updated the firmware to 2.2 without updated the baseband then you wouldn't even need to change the unlock sim at all. Your iphone will continue to work as before with no problem. However, if you do a restore or update via itune to 2.2 then the baseband will become 2.28.00 then and only then your present unlock sim will not work, period.

Rebel sim will work with iPhone that has been updated to 2.2 with the baseband @ 2.28.00, I have sold a tone of this unlock sim the past weeks and I am using it myself so I think I am qualify to say it works.

Thus far Rebel is the only unlock sim that works, all others unlock sim are still weeks/month away at best. As for "any-network", they are a scam, they take your money and ran you will receive what you order!

I mean you will NOT receive what you order!

hey guys
have a look what I found today:
and here ( they say that the dev-team will present a solution to hack the iPhone entirely till the end of the year so we do not need a turbo-sim and all those kind of sim cards anymore... like they did with the first generation of iPhones :-).

god bless dev-team.

but based on 2.1 - before baseband 2.28.00


from where do you know that? why not 2.2 with baseband 2.28.00?

Is there anyone who is using his/hers iPhone 3g with any kind of proxy sim? What is the working solution right now?

It should work with baseband 2.28.00


I am (was) using rebelsimcard - it worked fine with 2.1 does not with 2.2 (baseband 2.28.00) so far. Any workaround is not working with my phone.


I'm waiting now for yessim y3g ( These guys told me, that this proxi sim will work with 2.2 and 2.28.00 baseband. When i get it, i will write here.I guess it will be in 2-3 days.

yes please, let me know!

It works ) read my comment below ) Good luck!

As of now 14:35 PST, any-network site is down. That says a lot about then.


Hi, guys!!! I just got yessim y3g.This proxi sim works correctly. phone calls,sms,internet via EDGE.
I have american Iphone 3G with upgraded 2.2 firmware and 02.28.00 baseband.

That's great news. How much did you pay for it?


Hi guys I purchased the V3 device from any-network and i received yesterday. It works fully with 2.2 (02.28.00 baseband). The company is genuine but you have to wait awhile before it arrives (probably because they are so busy)..I paid £31.90..slightly cheaper as I live in the UK and the company is based in the UK

Received mine this morning - ordered on 27th so was beginning to suspect a scam (although I had bought v2 a few weeks before so they did seem genuine)

I had a slight issue when I first put it in with no internet and it dropped the service when I was out of the office. When I came back in I popped the sim card back in my nokia and then back in the iPhone and so far everything works okay including the internet and 3G

I guess they have been snowed under they really should have been a bit more informative on their web site.

I had the same problem, i put it to another phone too, and it works fine now.

yessim, any-network, gevey 3G, turbo sim all has this problems, drop call, no EDGE etc.
you have put your network sim back to your old cell phone to get it going every time.
Rebel-sim is the only one does not have this issue once you install their latest firmware.

I think, any-network and yessim use same cards. If you come to both sites, you will see same proxi-sims called different names: "any-network V3" and "yessim Y3G". I paid for yessim Y3G 50$, because I bought it at russian reseller and got it for 2 days. But you can buy it for 40$ at yessim site,if you want to wait for it the couple of weeks. But you will get programmer too! to programm your proxi-sim in future (for firmware 2.3 for example), I didn't get this programmer. Only proxi-sim.

Just got my any-network v3.
I have a jailbreaked iphone 3g, I turned it off after I activated roaming and 3G plus entered the APN. I put in the sim card and the v3. When I turned it on, it said searchin... and then I got "no service"?
I read above that you might have to but it in another phone to get it to work. Is it both the sim card and the proxy sim I should insert?
Really frustrating to wait over 2 weeks for delivery and then it doesn't work!
Help is appreciated :)

Tor-Björn, Sweden

Hey Everyone,
I am very new to this and have tried to follow the steps.
But I am stuck at step one and I don't know how to open the actual Ziphone screen as shown in (1).

I have downloaded everything.

Any contribution will be appreciated.


Tor Bjorn try the following steps.

1 Turn roaming and 3G off on your iphone and remove your SIM and V3 device

2) Put your sim card (not with your V3) in another phone and wait until you get a signal. Then go to settings and then "network" and make sure it is on manual and select your network provider you are with. Switch off your phone and take your SIM out.

3) put your SIM and V3 device in the iphone and wait..if it still says no service try and go into settings, you should see a menu called carrier (under Wi-Fi). Go into carrier hit manual and select your network, your iphone should now work with the V3 device


so far no solution to the network issue. Pwng can open the iphone but no service.

You need a Sh... sim unlock card that work with this new modem firmware baseband.

Devteam announced they will find solution but not the am phone modem firmware.

What have the devteam announced? "Not the am phone"? Are the going to be able to break the new BB?

need help i updated my iphone 3g over itunes to firmware 2.2 with modemfirmware 2.28.00
now my gevey proxy card what was for firmware 2.1 is useless. now it say no service.
is there an other proxy sim that work on itunes updates to 2.2 with new modemfirmware?
or can i downgrade modem firmware and firmware?


Turbo sim for 3G i-phone 2.2 is here..

Downgrading of baseband (02.28.00) for firmware (2.2) is a big big risk …
DO NOT USE ziphone .. Mite destroy the bootloader for 3G i-phone…
The best solution is to use 2.2 turbo sim..

Guyz i have programmed a turbo sim for firmware 2.2..
I am using it in India on airtel n it’s working perfectly fine…
If anyone wants tat contact me at +919212582064 or

I bought the latest MaxSIM-Card, and with it I have absolutely no problems using my iPhone with Baseband 2.28.00 and FW 2.2.... I recommend that to you all ;-).

Got my any-network v3 a couple of days ago and the first thing I had to do was to put the sim back in my old phone to get it to work.
Yesterday I dropped the signal and to get it back I had to do the same thing all over again. Then last night I realized my iphone has been very quiet, plus that messages have been deliverd to me a long time after people sent them. So I tryed to call my iphone that had full signal but all I got was the voice mail. Some calls have gone trough but most of the time they get my voice mail.

What to do? The people at any-network doesn't seem to reply and when calling them I get a "this number doesn't excist".


I just restored my iphone 2.2 back to iphone 2.1 and was able to jailbreak it once again.

1. Restored phone to iphone1.2_2.1_5F136
Once the restore is completed you should get an error on itunes. Just Click ok and uplug your phone
2. Open QuickPwn21-1 zip
3. Plug your adapter back into your iphone
It will ask you to hold down the power & Home for 10sec then hold power for 2 sec.
4. Then just follow the instructions for jailbreaking.

I will be putting a powerpoint together within the next couple of days.

Thanks to all, l have searched many of site and was finally to get it done... Now l am willing to help anyone back

I successfully restored my iPhone back to the 2.1 version, but when I tried to access iTunes it wouldn't acces my iPhone because the version wasnt up to date. I then selected to set up as new phone. When I did that I lost all of my contacts and photos, etc. I have attempted to restore the settings on my computer to see if iTunes will pick up my iPhone before I downgraded the 2.2 version but it won't. Any suggestions that I can have acces to my phonebook or is it lost?

It isn't problem to downgrade to 2.1. The problem is - to downgrade basebannd (modem firmware) from 2.28.00 to previous. What is your baseband version now (with 2.1 firmware)?

So in conclusion is there a working turbosim out there?

Hi Rob, after 3 days normal use of the v3 the iphone stoped running (No Network). I followed your instruction and suddenly everything worked again. Just because I don´t want to run around with two mobile phones. Is it possible for you to explain me wy this happens and do you think it will happen a coupple of times. Thanks a lot for your time

I recieved from UK rebel sim card by mail , and result if it is working with Iphone 3g 2.2 firmware will be tomorrow , if any body want to order to wait until see the result.

Hi Sascha

The network drops if you have 3G enabled on your iphone and your phone picks up a 3G signal. To prevent this, disable your 3G if you are not using it..your iphone will then be constantly "locked" on your network provider.

This is a problem with the V3 device...anytime it picks up a 3G signal you will lose your carrier and have to put your SIM back in another phone to reset it..


And lock your network under settings, so that the iphone does not search your network automatically anymore, but you do it manually... this was the problem i had first with my iphone.
but now, it works perfect. i bought this unlock card:

I , promise to tell the result of rebel simcard today if working with Iphone 3g 2.2 or not , I did update as shown in the video in rebel web site to ver.54i but its not working .
today I purchased from our local market turbo sim (Torrnadoo) its working very well with my Iphone 3g 2.2 (baseband 02.28.00)

Its already here, will get released on new years eve - iPhone 3G Software Unlock

What can I say? silly me! Now I am sitting on an iphone 3g with 2.2 firmware. And now if I hadn't updated, I may be able to unlock it... Great news for other people.

I hope dev team finds a solution for us too. Nevertheless, the iphones they are selling now have the 2.2 firmware...


this is a fake! The Ziphone i have downloaded from here does not look like the one posted here! i have a DOS software and dont do anything!
Does someone know somebody from iPhone dev team! Please tell them we need HELP! HELP US we have upgraded iphone modem firmware!!!

is there somebody who bought one of those simcards yet ?
if yes please leave feedback.

is there somebody who bought one of those simcards yet ?
if yes please leave feedback.

is it possible to downgrade 2.28 firmware yet???
what does the yellowsn0w that gonna be release on the new year eve for???

one solution is to find a wi-fi internet connection service and use fring or nimbuzz to call someone for those who cant downgrade their 2.28 firmware....

I just upgraded my Iphone to v2.2 and now i got no service and it requires to get an original sim card to unlock it .

But no chance to unlocking it for me .

What can I do right now ?!

same here i got no service after update to v2.2

there is nothing you can do for now if you upgraded to 2.2 (2.28 modem firmware). you gotta wait for the dev team to do something about it.

As U all know, the iPhone has 2 systems, the baseband what manages the calls, and the main system for the apps. The 2.2 update comes with changes to both, but Im not sure about the update from 2.0 to 2.1 I accidently downgraded my 3G days ago to 2.0 with a custom fw, cos the site promised an uclocked device. It was only a jailbroken 2.0, but at least it went back. May worth a try

Wish I had heard or read about this before...Now I am stuck with a 3G iphone which does everything except make or receive calls...!
Cant wait for the fix to be released...

i use a mac (juust as a reference)
now the ziphone searches for the iphone, then indicates that it is " copying Inga.dat" then "entering recovery mode: then NOTHING. if i eject and try to restart my phone i have to fully restore. .. frustrating because i cant get past the first step.

please advise

same thing, it gets stuck after entering recovery mode.

yellowsn0w from the DEV team works WITH 2.2 (2.28.00 modem firmwire)Thamk you DEV TEAM!!!!...see the link below:

Hi guys, I need help with my iPhone 3G, which I got from an uncle who bought it online from China. I put an ATT sim from my regular phone into the iphone and it makes and receive call fine, but it will not connect with itune. My computer recognized it only as a removable drive, also there is no WiFi connection, when I checked network there is no option for WiFi. Another thing there are no itune or Safari icon on the phone screen. What should I do.

Are you sure you have an iphone from apple? It is probably a fake phone with apple logo on it.

You can't mount a real iphone as removable drive.

What you have there is a junk phone which is going to die in couple of months.

i too have upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2 but i managed to get it back to 2.1 the thing is that the baseband didnt change but is it possible if i fully erase everything and re-install version 2.1 the baseband of 2.1 will be back or even though i format and re-install 2.1 the baseband would stay the same what do u guys think ???


i upgrade my iphone with 2.3 firmware i want downgrade it 2.2 0r 2.1 so plz help me anyone

When I download ziphone and launch the ziphone.exe file a cmd prompt comes up for a split second and disappears.

just watch the video! you dont need ziphone!! I DID IT AND I AM BACK ON 2.1

Good Luck

Any news on the baseband downgrade? :\
Damn it, and I only had my 3G for a week or so .. Didn't even install an app ..

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