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Solution for WhatsApp Error - "Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again."

We have seen how iTunes cryptic numeric error codes can be a huge pain to understand and solve. Imagine the confusion and frustration when an application clearly shows the error and it's solution but refuses to work even after the remedy, while WhatsApp for PC is definetly a good idea using it on mobile platform is the intended usage. I recently came across an strange error on my friends WhatsApp install on an Google Android tablet where it refused to launch showing "Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again." error, strangely the date and time settings were accurate and even network fetched clock sync did not make WhatsApp buzz.

Whats App Date Error

After trying many date and time related settings and numerous rebooting I finally found the problem to be an outdated version of WhatsApp, simply installing the latest update fixed the issue.

WhatsApp Error Fix


thnks a lot it helped

how to solve time problem

for me i uninstall first and restarted the mob then downloaded from Whatsapp Site

it worked..

your phone date is inaccurate! adjust your clock an try again.
It's not working
plz replay me another solution

Did you read the above?, Remove WhatsApp and install again from Play store.

i cant download it from play store

i need a help of u
so,am expecting could u solve my problem

I prefer downloading from developer's website rather than forced to login for a free app.

It'z 5th time I have installed and uninstalled the whatsapp+. Prior to this I was able to use it properly, but now every time it'z telling me that my phone date is inaccurate. I try setting tone in all the ways, all the countries. But I dunno whats the problem. Please help.

Try to download and install from here -

Thank you , I tried every thing else, but it solved my problem

i tri but it doe't work people help me

my whatsapp need to be set time and date is acurenc

Pleas send the sulution of whatsapp date adjustment problam.

I tried all way to set the time and even to uninstall but not working.

date en time is inaccurate whats app stop downloading while busy installing please help

my android 4.4.4 says my phone date and time is inaccurate when I am downloading whatsapp
so how to adjust time&date?

After l have reset time and date there's still no difference

plz irfome me about watsap celular access point first problem????
Tell me solution

Anaccurate Date&Time.How to solve it this problem?

I adjusted my date and time for the millionth time now but it doesn't get any bette

No date and time se pls help blackberry 9300

phone date is inaccurate.

Mere wrap on nhi ho rha date and time set krne par bhi

your telephone date is erroneous! change your timepiece a great look at all over again.

I using Nokia e63 and I am an indian user i am having problem in whatsup its show a message please check date and time while using whatsup. please suggest what to do.

I am using nokia e63 for past 2 years
I simply installed WhatsApp on it and used it, but now it shows a message "check and correct phone's time and date"
Even i have updated to latest version of whatsapp......
Plz tell the solution to install and use it again.....

I using micromex ae90 and I am an indian user i am having problem in whatsup its show a message please check date and time while using whatsup. please suggest what to do?

If changing the time and date dont work then just factory reset your phone

copy paste messages not working in whatsapp Nokia E63 when I copy big messages and paste it in chat, its restart whatsapp


Not working whats aap asking for time

Thanks. It worked!

Meu celular e moto e eu tento instalar mas não dá certo só pede para ajustar hora e data eu ajusto e nada como faço??

Please help . Play store doesn't allow me keeps saying no connection, is there another way to update whatsapp

when I login the massage show on my screen.. your not not longer user...what is the solution of this problem please tell me urgent...

My whats up Is not start its telling me to pls reboot your phone if u have connection problem then what can i do? pls tell ke accurate aunswer.

how to solve the problems when we install and uninstall whatsapps then our phone will be restarted automatically

my whatsApp says unable to start

Am having issues with my whatsapp in start.Just after downloading it on my Nokia205 (chattedition) it's unable to start

I m not able to fix this error in my watsapp because my watsapp is an inbuilt application in my cell phone so I can't uninstall it....pls help

I faced the same problem....
I updated my whatsapp version from Google play and it worked !!!

The msg to whatsapp says the date is inaccurate and time wheres the date nd time are correct.the phone is Z4 i dont know whats going on its an inbuild application with facebook

whatsapp is not start bcs date&time is incorrect

have a prob, with watsap, date and time setting, have try several times in vain

my wasap have same problem, inaccurate date n clock, but i try many way.. it's just same, help me..

my whatsapp plus was working well but today it said the version became obsolete on 21 may 2061. i tried updating it from the given link bt it redirects to whatsapp after download it says tge whatsapp was not installed. i tried deleting the whatsapp plus then reinstalling it..its still not working. i rebooted tge phone still no redults

When I open the whatsapp it is showing please correct your device date from settings then restart the whatsapp,but after done everything still not open.Please help me.reply.

Help for always my whatsapp showing me inaccurate time and date

While am opening
But it not downloading
showing download error from server

I just upgraded my whatsapp and its insisting on changing my date and time. I've tried so many times, but with no success. I av also tried reinstalling it but, its not still working. Pls help. I use a blackberry 9700

Me I'm using blackberry bold 9900 and my whatsapp is showing me adjust date and time and when I change the time its doesn't show its been changed and I'm hoping there's someone who can help me right now or later buh ma mail is please I'm in need of the help thanks.

device data setting currently

i use blackberry 9900 but i am getting an error to adjust clock and restart whatsapp i have already done the same but the error still the same.

I have updated severally still the same. I have downloaded and installed the newest version of tha Whattsapp but its still the same. I am using blackberry bold. What shoukd I do

I m
Getting. The error Date & time is incorrect . I installed the latest version ..m using iPhone. 3GS
WT can I do ? Pls help.thks

I am Getting The error Date & time is incorrect .I m using on xperia c .. Adjust date and time issue plzz help me....

Tried installing whatsapp Bt nt working dry showed me an error code 0*80044513 pls help

i downloaded a new version of whatsapp it said i should adjust my time and date. I did but its still not coming up. I tried uninstalling and installing am still facing the same issue. pls i need assistance

plzzzzzz someone help me' my whatsapp is not longer spported this phone' but way whatsapp is not spported my nokia e5,now what to do i am, tell me yaar what is tha sollition this problem.plzzzz

Sir/mam, my whatsapp is not opening. Becoz I open several times . my no. Is -----. How I open it and showing contact help . so what I do plz help me..

hyy am using whatsapp my phone nokia e63 ,,but now whatsapp says pleasw check your time and date...what to do?plz help me

My phone is showing error

I reinstalled my whatsap and now it is giving me text written whats unavailble.what shiuld i do.

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