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Free VOIP Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones World Over

We have reviewed several free VOIP service provider from time to time, Voixio is another such free ad-supported VOIP provider, Voixio offers an easy to use flash interface to make free VOIP and video calls worldover, before connecting the call Voixio displays an video advertisement, this is the most promising ad-supported VOIP service we have reviewed.

Free VOIP Service

You will need to register for a free account at Voixio in order to make calls, the signup is very easy, however you can use the login "" and password "" to start testing things without registering, After testing do post your feedback in the comments below.


Voixio is seeking for email and password login, is MegaLeecher the password? What is the email login then?

you can register for a account anyways here are new details for our readers:

Login :
Password :

Are you serious about this? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for free calling online. so is that really legit?

This is 100% legit, the company gets your calls money by showing advertisements before call.

i am from bombay(india) n tried 2 call myself @ +919969813102
i saw the add n but didnt called my mobile phone n gave this reason...

your call was not placed

voixio will be live on 1st april....

Voixio is seeking for email and password login, is MegaLeecher the password? What is the email login then?

how to make calls in India itself????
give some hint

i made a call to hyderabad(india)
its working

sir ,
i need to speak with my friend , so help me how it is work? how to do ?

I made a call to india and it was working for twice...
But when i called for the third time it showed me that there are no free call from this pc today,.......

i want 2 call in pakistan from egypt wht can i do my emails is

some 1 plz help me i m wating 4 some 1 reply

spend some money to call because our goverment wants us to spend money on calling

i want cal

its working good....

but after 2~3 calls i got prompt no free calls from this pc today.....

do you have some trick or hack to make unlimited calls????

i tried that free login but it does not work

bee cool


no download link was found on their webpage

how can i call international call

how can i make a call?????????

I just tried it and it gives 30 minutes free per day. I guess you could create more than one account if you are determined to get more time free, but eventually that would get confusing.

I think it works through your IP address and if you r trying to create many accounts i think they will not work because the IP address will remain same.

doesnt work

waste of time !

it works!!

in ukraine at list

thanks a lot, man!

how it works?

Is this totally free services?

password is wrng

I call from canada and you can only make 1 five minute call per day to India. Fo second call you will have to wait for 24 hrs again.

The clarity is very good

The greatest VOIP calling service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to call India and it really worked.
Thanks for that.
But for India it gives us free call for only 10mins.
After that we have to wait next 24hrs.
The voice quality is not bad and not too good also.
But anyways it's good b'cause it's free.
Thanks to VOIXIO and MEGALEECHER for posting it in the blog.

Saini Avoxip.


finally it works but call was for 6 min. only and then got disconnected and after that shows that call limit reached. i will again try tomorrow whether will work again or not


Really its works.

thaks to all very niveee voip callinggggggggg

thanksss tooo all

It works, but only 3 minutes

only 5 min, clarity less

Awesome software... clarity is too good... I called from Sweden to a mobile in India.... Thanks a lot pal :-)

Hey buddy try reliance icall instead.Reliance icall is better than any free voip provider.
1 cent calling to 20 countries worldwide.
1 cent calling to USA, India, China, Israel, Canada, Singapore, Thailand and landlines only in Malaysia, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Colombia(select cities). This is supported by its state of the art network across the world which gives best call quality with zero call drops. Do visit their website at

it doesent work

hi room how do i download Free VOIP Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones World Over ? can someone show me how and where i can download?

It's working... Thnx lot. Just now i call Malaysia to Bangladesh 5 min total free.... :)

Hi i want to know how to find out the software which provides free calls allover the world

can u please get i 'll be thank full to u.

user name and password nt workin . and mention the steps to download
waitin for ur reply


working Great

hi guys,
let me tel you that if you download regcleaner software (wich is free)and when your time limit finished for 24 hours uninstall megaleecher and then run regcleaner after that reinstall megaleecher and you will get again free time and that you can do again and again...its take some minuts but who care if you get free time to talk with yours loved ones.hope its help you,,bye

I don't seem to be able to use regcleaner? I keep getting "regcleaner is having problems". How does this works?

how does this work as I don't seem to be able to call?

can i use this service From egypt to land lines in USA, wz unlimited calls

It does not work. I tried to make call from usa pc to usa local number but it did not work.

the username or password is wrong i cant sign in????
How to do that?? can someone help me?

is that right???

Al-salam Alykoum;

Am searching for a program to call mobile phones in sudan with the lowest fare; any one can help me ? please respond to my e-mail address:

Thank you;;;;;;;;;

i m searching for free call in uk any one can help me i am waiting for reply soon plzzzz help me i really need this ( this my id .

That's nice service. Keep it up!

hey im trying to call india from malaysia. wondering if this still works?

I checked it out and sounds like awesome because its working like charm :-)

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