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ProcessQuickLink - The Easiest Way To Get Process Information Directly From Windows Task Manager

Uniblue ProcessQuickLinkKeeping an eye on what's running on your computer is essential for your data security and optimal system performance, Identifying and removing unwanted processes is quite easy if you are an advanced computer user, users simply need to launch Windows Task Manager or a similar advanced task manager and kill the unwanted process, but if you are having a tough time recognizing processes, can come in very handy, Now with UniBlue's ProcessQuickLink you can get the latest definitions and advice on all the processes running directly from the Windows Task Manager.

Process Information

Clicking the icon launches your default webbrowser with exhaustive information about the process.


ProcessQuickLink is free and is fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Windows Vista.

The same can be achieved by manually searching a search engine or the for the process name but the simple utility makes this damn easy removing all the hassles of typing cryptic process names for searching.

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i have windows xp SP2 spanish..

here's not ProcessQuickLink for me!!!!!!


i have windows xp SP3 brazillian portuguese.

i instaled it, but it doesn't do a thing!

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