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Cool Futuristic Windows UI Concept

Microsoft has done a pretty decent job with upcoming Windows 7 user interface, but here is something more futuristic named Copenhagen User Experience concept by its developer, the GUI concept seems very practical and is definitely worth giving a consideration by developers.


Read a lot of reviews on it and have to agree with them. 1. The video makers skills are lacking when it comes to video editing. 2. This design lacks usability and will make windows even MORE complicated to find things. XP had it right with its simple way to get to your documents and items. It looks good, yes, but will also take a lot of CPU and graphics processing to run smoothly. You all still remember what did that exact thing right (i.e. beauty, but lack of usability)? Ever heard of Vista? Good try, and decent work, but not enough to make me want to see it in any windows edition, ever.

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why dose microsoft always have to bundle stuff,
click tis to open a sub menu, open the sub-sub menu to se your first 5 files, then click another buttion to see more!! >:(

Looks better than WinBlows 7.. I'd maybe want that, if there isnt a single text with: Microsoft or Windows on it. (Windows Sucks IMO)

I'm all for market competition, and I try my best not to be a fan boy, but this looks a LOT like KDE with Compiz effects, especially when it comes to switching between logged-in users. When did redesigning the OS with every version of Windows become the objective? Make the above UI part of Windows 7 SP1. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing, making Windows 7 faster and faster.

I remember using Windows 95 some years ago and I learned the basics in useing a computer, because the interface made almost all settings accessible. Newer versions of Windows (as mine-XP) tend to hide/"bundle" many options, which is not neccessary a bad thing in my opinion if you get used to it.

What I hate about newer Microsoft software is that it becomes more and more incompatible to older computers. They try to simplify everything, increasing the required resources; I can't run Vista for example, and visual styles are not worth investing in too much. Keep working on usability (Win Explorer for example)

I think Microsoft should focus on their operating system. Otherwise, this concept seems ok, while it's cusomiseble.

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