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Reveal Hidden Passwords in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Many times we need to see hidden passwords behind asterisk symbols in firefox and IE, there exist a simple javascript hack to achieve this - simply copy-paste the below code snippet into your webbrowser address bar to see what's inside the password field.

Password Reveal Hack Code (Text file open in new window/tab to see contents)

For fast & easy access create a new bookmark and paste the above code in location field, now you can easily access the password on any hidden field by simple using this bookmark.

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hi i cant see the password as u mentioned in the site ... y can u tell me ... and can u explain clearly how to do it..or isthr any other process to do hacking password of others..

when u types the password in mozzila , n type this code at adress bar d password can be seen!

i dont get qhat u r saying. while :typing the password paste the code in the address: means wot??

i want my password in rediffmail id

first tell me your internet browser.
if it is mozilla firefox tne choose mozilla options see the security tab and then saved passwords hit it and then click show password.
if you are using google chrome so,First you just click Settings in browser drop-down menu (it looks like three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the window); then Show advanced settings at the bottom of the Settings window; hit Manage saved passwords under the Passwords and Forms box; and then click in the field next any of the saved passwords, represented by asterisks; and hit Show. That's it. you will get your rediffmail password.

thank you....

Thank you for your help Abhishek but can you tell me how to do this using internet explorer pleaase?

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I have clicked on every link that google showed,, downloaded gadget after gadget and nothing worked!
This however, was simple, straight forward and worked a treat! :0)


can u plzz tell me how to find the password...i didn't understand wat they said above... plzz.... send it 2

Hi All
pls hack the password of and send it to si very urgent i hope u help me .

Thanks Nitika

is this your girlfriend email account
wait ! i'll a rush job ! okay ?

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i want to know how to hack yahoomail passwords

does anyone knows how to hack yahoomail & msnger password..please post it here

If any one knows how to hack yahoo & hotmail password please help me.

you just search "hack remembered password software for messengers" and download it thr are so many software for this ok have a nice day

The free password reveler (works even on Vista/Widows 7) is posted here -

Hey guys is anyone of you know how to reveal meebo asterisk passwords, saved in some's meebo account.

You might able to crack meebo's ID and Password. But i want to know how can i do further, there are multiple accounts available in one meebo account (yahoo, msn, gmail, etc). If anyone know please help me, how can i revealed the saved asterisk password from that inner window. Thanks.

Its like:

i.) Login to meebo.
ii.) go to account option.
iii.) Now u will lotsa passwords, you have to reveal those passwords.
iv.) I hope someone could help me out. I tried lotsa tools but nothing work for me. Try and then guide me.

p.s. I m not going to do some offense. This is for my own knowledge, more over there is another site like, if u guys might aware from me it.

Hope i will get some reply:

msg me at-> or reply me here.

Thank You!

any of my friend can help me to get my personal rediffmail ids hacked and changed password .
my id is-
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we hv overseas job offer and recruitments follow-ups on it.
your help can help me a lot.

Hi. I am a hacker. I can get you a password (aol, myspace, facebook, msn/hotmail,yahoo..etc). I do charge money to get a password. Once i get the password i’ll show you proof i have it. Are you interested?


Can yoiu help me to get my rediff account back . Every detail has been changed. hint question mothers maiden name and also the alternate email id. I am ready to pay reasonably.

i am willing to pay! but on certain conditions, email me @

i need you to hack this gmail first lemme know what is there in side this account.. then i ll pay u...

how are you?

Id like to have a gmail password please.. what do you charge?

Thanks George please email me the cost and time it takes to

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I am looking for a hacker to get into a yahoo email address. Can you still do this?

please advise.

I am very interested in knowing the password of the following EMAIL address
ID :

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Please please do this.

i want to know the method for hacking gmail password.
plssss help meeee.
i am waitting ur reply.

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any one recover my rediffmail password i lost my password
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hi this is karthik
i not getting how 2 hack the password !!
pls explain how to do

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wat da fukk

i need some help

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I need to get a yahoo email password. Anybody who can help please mail me at


Google and learn yourselves you idiots, unless you wanna get ripped off.

I am not able to log in my rediff mail from yesterday morning. Some one has changed the password. Can you help me get the password. The mail id is Pls mail the password to

i cant understand what to do?

Its Urgent some problem yar


In rediffmail hw to hack
i have email id but password forgot

recover the password of my old account

just send it to my new email

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plz recover the password of my account
plz if u get the password mail me at plz
god bless u

Please recover the password of

This is a matter of great importance.....

Thanks for all of your help,

Great! Thanks!!!

Can anybody help me to retrieve the password of my gf, somebody changed it n she is in trouble. her id- is Please send password to Please help her........

hey,please help me,i want to hack somrbody's gmail password but in simple steps
and should be free.... please help...its urgent...... my email id is-

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Can u plz mail me the password of this id??
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please help me to get back the password facebook ..

because yesterday my facebook has been defaced by someone...

please.. cause it's very important for me. and i can't do anything...

just tell how to hack a rediff account
pls pls do let me know .................

I'll try to clear the fog out of the harbor...
I have been using Firefox for ages, but it is now crap.
So I'm trying Chrome. Many of my favorite sites have passwords,
and I have gotten so used to Firefox providing them that I have
forgotten many. Soooo...
Go to the home page of the desired site, or the login site where
you must enter the login and password. If the browser has remembered
the password for you, the password field will probably have dots or stars
in the password box.
This is the Javascript:

javascript: var p=r(); function r(){var g=0;var x=false;var x=z(document.forms);g=g+1;var w=window.frames;for(var k=0;k

still i am not getting how to do. If it is clear to you plz mail me how to hack gmail password?
thanks....waiting for your reply

i am not able to log in my rediffmail id from yestrday morning some one has changed the password can you help me get the password the e - mail id is pl e-mail the password to harshala.harsha1982@red

my rediffmail account is help me to recover my password.....

thankx friends...

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pls if any1 help me hw 2 hack rediffmail password

thanks for this tip

I forgot pswrds to my rediffmail ID, and shimmy2007@rediffmail. Im unable to retrieve it. Please can u retrieve it and send to my alternate ID thanks in advance.

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can anyone help me with getting passwords for facebook,icloud,hotmail?
ive got emails address only if anyone can help and is their a way so see whats behind theses stars???+*********06 ??? much appreciate

could any body help me out, please? i would totally appreciate learning a few passwords. There are 2 gmail accounts as well as a facebook account too. Just msg me and I'll tell ya the emails. The sooner the better. Thanks a lot for your time!

Hi there, i would like to crack rediffmail password.. can you help

Hello. Is it possible to retrieve a phone number that a Facebook account user is using on their account as a source to request forgotten password. It's +********44. For username(Lion Namelion) It's not a password but just a phone number. Is it possible to crack that at all? If u have any ideas please email I would love it if u can crack the pw for that particular account! Thank you

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