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Tina Feys' Answer After Being Labelled Ugly, Pear Shaped And Bitchy !

Tina Fey

Apple Dual Core !!

Apple Computing

Full image after the jump...

Yikes !!!

Google Maps reviews can be hilarious, but this one takes the cake for being the most hilarious. Full review after the jump.


What is USB ?

What is USB ?

A Fair Warning For All Twitter Users !

Human v 1.1 Hotfix Patch Finally Released Fixing Long Outstanding Issues !!

If god happened to be developing on it's creation fixing things up, here is something you would often see.

The Changelog

Human v 1.1

How To Fix Any Computer - Web-comic By Oatmeal

Here is Oatmeal's take on How to fix Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

iPad 2 is Here and Conan O’Brien Takes A Shot At Apple

If PC vs Mac info-graphic does not convince you yet, watch this video where Conan O’Brien takes a shot at Apple after iPad 2 release.

If you were hoping that Apple would get more humble with the release of the iPad 2... You are going to be sadly, sadly mistaken.

iPad 2

Bill Gates Telling Steve Jobs The Bright Side Of iPhone Jailbreaking !

Funny Comic

Click Read More below to see the full strip.

[PICS] Must See - Solution To iPhone 4 Reception Issue !!

Full strip after the jump, must see.

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