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Funky Looking Glass Command Prompt Window On Windows 7, Vista And XP

Love to try cool customizations on your PC - if yes "Glass CMD for Windows Seven, Vista And XP" is definitely a worth downloading hack enabling cool translucent glassy aero effect on all launched command-prompt windows.

Glassy Command Prompt On Windows 7
Transparent Window

How To Recover Saved Twitter Password From Your Web-browser

Finding yourself in a tough spot with a forgotten Twitter account password - worry not if you happen to have your web-browser autologin to Twitter with saved login/password, free portable utility "TwitterPasswordDecryptor" for Windows will let you recover twitter account password instantly by decrypting the stored credentials by any popular web browsers.TwitterPasswordDecryptor automatically crawls through browsers password databases, instantly decrypting and recovering all stored Twitter passwords.

Twitter Password Cracker Utility

Microsoft Updates DirectX 9.0c To Version 9.29.1973, Download Link Here

While Windows 7 comes with DirectX 11 Microsoft has decided not to offer this upgrade to Windows XP users. Fake bundles of DirectX 11 for Windows XP also took advantage of the situation to spread malware - Various genuine efforts also tried making a Windows XP port of DirectX 10 but are not being actively developed anymore.

To bring some relief to Windows XP users, Microsoft has now released an update to DirectX® End-User Runtime after a long time. This new release features updates to 9.0c and previous versions pushing the build version to 9.29.1973 offering better multimedia and gaming experience on users PC.

DirectX Update For Windows XP

Free License For Zentimo xStorage Manager (USB Safely Remove) For Everyone

Ejecting removable USB disks properly is crucial to prevent data loss or corruption, while the functionality comes built-in with Windows OS there are few handy utilities offering more features and flexibility.

Zentimo xStorage Manager is one such commercial software utility allowing users to not only safely eject removable usb devices with ease but also provide features like handy Portable App Quick Launcher, advanced drive letter management, autorun manager, ability to stop a device, display locking processes, and even reconnect a stopped device.

Zentimo xStorage Manager USB Safely Removal Utility

Samsung Galaxy I9000 India Finally Gets Android 2.2 Froyo Update

Android Froyo LogoWait of Indian Samsung Galaxy I9000 (GT-I9000HKAINU) owners for long awaited Android 2.2 update is finally over as Samsung Kies is now allowing the update, users with Firmware version "I9000DDJG4/I90000DDJG4 I9000DDJG4/I9000DDJG4" can now officially update to Android 2.2 Froyo upgrading there firmware to version "I9000DDJP6/I90000DDJP5/I9000DDJP2/I9000DDJP6".

Android Froyo 2.2 Update For Samsung Galaxy GT-I9000HKAINU India

Ultrasn0w Carrier Unlock Updated To Work With Baseband Later Than 05.13.04

The most widely used iOS software unlock Ultrasn0w just got updated by parent iPhone Dev Team to support carrier-unlocking on any baseband later than 05.13.04 for iPhone3G/3GS owners. This unlock is interestingly using the exploited AT+XAPP command security-hole which was actually plugged-in by Apple but it turned out that the very first iPad firmware 3.2.2 has baseband version 06.15.00 which is still vulnerable to AT+XAPP exploit and since the iPad baseband is built for the exact same baseband-chip as the iPhone3G/3GS what we have is an exploit with a carrier unlock for these devices. In simpler terms iPhone 3G/3Gs owners can unlock their devices running iOS 4.1/4.2 but there are some risks as posted next.

Flash Enabled Skyfire Web Browser Available On Apple Store

Skyfire is a popular mobile web-browser available on Windows Mobile, Google Android, and Symbian platforms, unlike other mobile web-browsers Skyfire renders requested webpages on a proprietary server and then relays the result to end user's mobile phone. Using the same server-side rendering technology Skyfire is now available on Apple iOS letting users enjoy Adobe Flash powered videos on webpages which is not natively supported. While Flash has already been ported to some extent on iOS via Project Frash but Skyfire is available via official Apple Store and does not require a jailbroken phone to work like Frash.

How To Enable Adobe Flash Player Support On Samsung Galaxy

While users need to take help of unofficial hacks to use Adobe Flash Player on iOS thankfully the technology is fully supported on Google Android platform, however plugins come disabled by default in Google Android web-browser and here is how to activate them to utilize Flash Player on webpages.

Flash Player For Android

ChevronWP7 - First Ever Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak/Unlock Tool Download

We have jailbreaking for iOS and rooting for Android to perform amazing customization, hacks and side-loading of applications which aren’t allowed in the official Marketplace due to use of restricted APIs and low-level hacks, to get the homebrew scene started on another front first ever jailbreak/unlocker for Windows Phone 7 is out now available for downloading.

Named "ChevronWP7" the simple to use utility promises to start a new era of side-loaded Windows Phone 7 development, allowing developers to not only develop on the platform without a WP7 marketplace account costing US$99/year but also make use of non-public API's pushing the boundaries to customize, tweak and hack their devices at low-level.

Windows Phone 7 Unlocker

TeamViewer 6 Beta Download For Google Android Is Here

TeamViewer is a popular remote desktop and file transfer utility available on Windows, Linux, Mac And iPhone/iPad platforms, as very much anticipated Google Android client of this multi-platform utility is now available for download. With full support for multi-touch, using TeamViewer Beta For Android is a smooth process. The client is currently available as a beta version and comes with a free for non-commercial use license, the .apk package can be downloaded using the QR Code or direct-download links provided at the end of this post.

Teamviewer Beta For Android
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