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Microsoft Windows 8: The Animated Rant Goes Viral

Microsoft Windows 8 drastic user-interface changes received both good and bad reactions, but here is something outright attacking. After, watching the video which is rapidly going viral attracting negative promotion for Microsoft one could easily judge that if the author had done a fraction of all the hard-work inputted in making this video into learning a bit before reviewing, the outcome might have been different.


Dude! You're ready for the nuthouse!
Can you find out how to CONTROL your machine? Every time that a new app or OS (in this case) comes out, there is a certain "learning curve". Are you aware of this term?
Not everything will be as it was. You remind me of those politickos that want to go back to the "golden age" of computers.
Look forward, not backwards, and learn first, and then rant more knowledgeably, if there's a reason. That is the excitement of things that are new. You gotta change accordingly. And your nostalgia for DOS is worrysome. Maybe not a computer illiterate, but your ranting shows that you are not very creative. Trying new things work wonders. Give it a try.

And yes, I have found some problems, but I solved them by checking it out, trying new things.

Nevertheless, I agree about the lack of the START button, but there are alternatives to do it. Check the web for ideas. That is a natural thing to do.

Enough of this ranting. Grin and bear it!

New generation need changes and used to learn new things ,i don't know why people are not using services is they found any problem , I ageered what you said RANT people should new ways ...

As innovations leads inventions....

Well done evaluation with some good points.
But, as it's been mentioned in Megaleecher's preface, it's attacking with the presumption of Win8 is bad - if author spent a fraction of efforts devoted to this video creation on a Win8 learning this video would have been more balanced and for sure quite different.
I am not a Windows fun at all, I like(d) OS2 and Linux - just common sense suggests that this system' UI is a little bit different from what we all used to use for decades since first introduced in Win3 (I am talking on MS line of products only).
I can honestly say that after a day of exploring I started to like Win8 even though first impression was really bad (to be fair - not bad but non-comprehensible).
One can like this UI other not but in terms of speed and reliability this system is great. An average user doesn't need to know what and where the fine-tune systems controls are and doesn't care.
Yes, this UI is raw yet and needs improvement,- but, as an operational system it's pretty good. If you're SP use Unix, but if you're just user then spend some time on learning features and 'how to' - you will not be disappointed. And don't forget on unified Win8 systems for phones, tablets, Pads and desktops wherever you are you'd have (almost) the same computational environment.

I had also experienced many frustration with using Windows 8.

Maybe Microsoft have a specific agenda with this OS but, I don't figure out what it is.

This little video should be running on every computers, at Microsoft Development Team.

At least, if they are blind, maybe they won't be deaf.

I'am a Microsoft user since 30 years and, very disapointed by this new OS.

For your lack of vision...
For non-knowing proprely your loyal customers...
For not listening advisors warning sings...

Thanks Microsoft...

Brian Boyko claims he worked with Win8 for 30 days... how much more do you need for a "different outcome"?? This man is singing my song! Every IT professional I talked to said do NOT upgrade!! No labels. No recognizable icons. No intuitive anything. Recently win8 was installed by an avid gamer whom I respect, then it took him just under 90 minutes to figure out how to turn off his computer - no recognizable controls. Programs executed from the win8 start screen run differently than if executed from the desktop. All kinds of craziness. I paid good money for my copy of win8 pro plus media center, but I uninstalled after 16 days. Sorry Microsoft, you blew it bigtime!! Bye bye windows 8!>

I agree with the above review I have followed Windows from 3.11 up to Windows 7 and have been happy with each transision I was one of the first to download Win8 on the 26/10/12 (my birthday) from then on I encountered daily problems, 8 not having links to apps on my pc forgetting that apps were installed in the end after 2 re installs 8 told me that my pc had not got hardware to run win8 it would not let me install win 7 on hard drive after 2 attempts so i reinstalled vista to another pc to use, i was then informed that my key was in use.

What progress?

Eddie Hope.
At least i still have my Mac.

A brainless fellow created it. MS is just amazing and its creations too.

He is absolutely right. It's supposed to be easier, it isn't. I bought it and it was so bad that I realized why they put the you agree not to sue us in a class action lawsuit clause in the fine print. They knew it was that bad. My copy updated and then died. Yep it would no longer boot. Not even after all the normal fixes. I had to reinstall it. Guess what it updated and died again, got almost two weeks out of it.

are you even listening to yourself? I am totally on ur side for blaming microsoft for coming up with a crappy UI.
"Recently win8 was installed by an avid gamer whom I respect, then it took him just under 90 minutes to figure out how to turn off his computer"
yea the METRO UI is shit and there's no start menu, switching to the desktop when uncalled for(on the surface), making the gestures so complex and unintuitive -- YOU DONT WANT THOSE GESTURES. Makes no sense when you're having two apps side by side and one is taking just 20% of the screen!
I know i'm not upgrading for sure. Hope Microsoft has a good line up of service packs and updates for the windows 7, cuz we're waiting for the next windows!

P.S- lmx99go, teach ur gamer friend how to use a computer. What a loser he must be.

I am using win 8 right now, ON MY DESKTOP, because it has so many features! 1. i went to the computer store the other day, and i saw an ultrabook (w/ touchscreen BTW) and i used it and it was FANTASTIC! the touchpad did not register gestures (app switch, etc.) 2. if you are a real tech geek you could have known that you can install Pokki that replaces the new start menu, and the main reason i use Win8 BTW is because of the apps!

all I have to say is in the first 10 min I could fully control windows 8 no problems at all and never went online for help of any kind. only thing that took a while to figure out was how to shut down. but that's because I never shut my laptop down its always running. but wen I needed to do it I quickly found out how. again no internet or ask a friend. it was simple to figure out. although I do agree the metro UI optimised for only touchscreens was stupid... other than that I think win 8 was a good upgrade

Whilst I do agree that it's not wonderfully intuitive, I don't think it's nearly as bad as this guy is making out. You just have to get used to a different system.

Take the Control panel for example, it took me about ten seconds to find it. Even if you have problems that you can't figure out on your own, there's this new thing called the Internet. Type the problem in and thousands of answers pop up, it's really not rocket science.

Yes, I do think some things could certainly have been done better, but this is just a (mostly) unjustified troll-bait rant.

there was the time where i needed to get a new laptop.
so i bought a new laptop installed with win 8, and i was like, why not, it doesn't hurt to try the new OS
that was my biggest mistake.

i should have bought the one with win 7 instead.

that feeling when i first handled win 8 was like when somebody else just rearranged everything in my own damn house, and i had to spend lots of time looking for everything.

and honestly, the whole metro UI, designed for touchscreens/tablets shouldn't even be on laptops, who the hell touches the laptop screen?

being a student i don't really have the damn time to learn to use the metro UI. apps not having a close button is also retarded. not even a 'close' text anywhere.

everyday i had to face the frustration and agony of not having things done the usual way.

to save myself more trouble i just sent my laptop to the pc shop, and voila! my laptop is now running win7 and i dont have to get frustrated everyday anymore

This update is a total piece of crap. It blew out all of my previous settings, such as tool bar, mail setting and passwords via Live, etc. I went in and reset all of my preferred defaults only to find that Window does not want to save it because it is only giving me a temp profile as it doesn't recognize my profile any more either. I went to add a new user account and you must sign in with a Microsoft email account rather than just creating a dummy account. Microsoft doesn't need to know every time I sign into my computer, collect all of the information on what I am doing, what applications I am using, etc. It's a huge question, who is more of a big brother, Obama and his minions or Microsoft?

WINDOW 8 is a total piece of crap Microsoft.

I agree with Brian.
Windows 8 is so bad that I'd rather use DOS.
If I have to spend that long to learn how to use a new operating system, then it's jsut a bad product.
End of story.
I've been trying to use my new laptop for two weeks now, and I've decided to take it back and exchange it for something I can use.
Probably a Macintosh, with a windows emulator. At least Apple understand their customers...
Microsoft, you score a great big fat fail for that effort.
Sack your development team, and start hiring PR people. You are going to need them!

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