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File hosters fall, multihosters gain ground

After Megaupload’s shutting down and the buzz created, many other top file-hosters like Filesonic, Fileserve and Filejungle etc. have ceased file sharing fearing the same fate, even if they are located outside USA.

No Sharing !

Right now, 90% of the most important file hosters have terminated their affiliate program, banned most uploaders and deleted the majority of files. We have entered a period of upheaval and yet no one knows which file-hoster will prevail. For someone who wants a premium account the best solution lies in registering to a multihoster website like Zevera. Using such an account gives the user the ability to download from various hosters without needing to create new accounts. is a premium proxy server and not a file hosting website, which means that each user can upload files exclusively for personal use. Have your important files and backups available from anyway in the world!

Megaupload taken down, Little hope for users having no-copyrighted files to get there data back...

One of the most popular online file-hosting/content-locker service had their servers searched and employees arrested in New Zealand, on January 19 on copyright infringement accounts. To users bad-luck, millions of user-accounts also got locked with this seizure without any possible way to retrieve their files, now there is some ray of hope to legitimate users having non-copyright infringing files in there accounts as Megaupload's hosting company "Carpathia" teams up with Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to identify legal files and help users retrieve them before all illegal content is purged from the seized servers.


[RARE] - Free Lifetime Usenet Access With 1Mbit Speed Limit

Free UseNetUsing BitTorrent, eMule and Gnutella for download all the free stuff ?, there exist another technology known mostly to geeks as "Usenet". Daily terabytes of new content is added to these servers ready for sharing, and with sharing you will get all sorts of legal and illegal music, movies, software's, images, porn, ebooks and anything digital you can think off, lately the WAREZ angle has also made this a lucrative business and various service providers offer speedy access to these files for a fixed monthly payment.

Rarely you will find any Usenet server provider offering free, lifetime account with speed capped to 1Mbit (more then enough for maximum users), and today we have EXACTLY this for you 100% free - so don't wait and grab this offer fast.

The Pirate Bay Decides To Stop Offering Torrent Downloads

World's leading torrent download website ThePirateBay has decided to do away with torrent downloads in upcoming days. In a month's time The Pirate Bay will no longer offer downloads of .torrent files. "Shocked" - don't be, they are just going to move forward to a better alternative offering downloads via magnet links.

Direct Download Links For iOS 5.1 Beta 2 IPSW Firmware Restore Files

Apple iOS 5.1 Beta 2 finally addresses the iPhone 4S battery drain issue (Batterygate), the latest iOS Beta is currently available only for Apple developers and supports iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, the iPads and the latest iPod Touches. Direct download links to these dev-files are posted after the jump.

Direct Download Links For iOS 5.1 Beta 2

Download Fullscreen Turbo C++ For Windows 7, Vista and XP

Turbo C++ is a legendary name when it comes to C++ compiler's, one of the most popular C language compiler and integrated development environment from Borland, the name is still in-demand for educational purposes in schools and colleges. The original Turbo C++ product line was put on hold after 1994, Turbo C++ is now succeeded by C++Builder but if you are looking for the old-is-gold earlier version we have digged out the legacy software which is fine-tuned and modded to work with newer Windows 7, Vista and XP computers which lack the native MS-DOS support required by the software to work.

Borland Turbo C++ Running Successfully On Windows 7 Turbo C++ On Windows

Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview Build ISO Features And Direct Download Links (32-bit & 64-bit)

The wait is finally over as official .ISO DVD image file links for Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview Build is now available for public downloading (as posted at the end of this post), to get started with the new operating system user will require a minimum hardware specs of - 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, min. one Gigabyte RAM , 16 GB available hard disk space, DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.

Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Build Preview

Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Build Preview

A complete list of final major features and images with direct download links posted after the jump.

Leading File-Sharing Services Getting Blocked By Indian ISP

ISP Block

Internet content censorship has not been very prominent when it comes to Indian internet users, but things might change soon as various major Indian ISP's have started blacking out file-sharing websites like,,,,,,,,,,, and According to reports received by TorrenFreak, Airtel is one of the confirmed leading ISP's displaying the following content censorship page while accessing the above mentioned file-locker services.

Content censorship in India

[EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY] Zevera Premium Downloader - Download From wUpload, Hotfile, Fileserve, Filesonic, Megaupload and many other filehosters paying them no more....

If you read this blog regularly multi-host download services should not be new to you, we have already reviewed and done two giveaways with popular unihoster service Zevera, and today is another chance for our readers to win a free premium account - this time we have 30 one month, 20 three months, 10 six months and 1 full-year premium account to giveaway providing ample opportunities to win a free account.

With support for almost 21 download services Zevera is the best option amongst similar services, currently Zevera supports downloading from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and They were also very quick to add support for premium downloads and I am personally using this service from past one year and strongly recommend them.


Microsoft Download Manager - The Simple And Elegant Download Manager Gets Updated With More Features

We reviewed the not so well-known minimalistic free download manager from Microsoft almost a year ago, Microsoft Download Manager has now been updated still featuring the elegant and simplistic design with more features and configuration options.

If you are looking for a decent, simple to use free download manager - Microsoft Download Manager does the task for you, the free utility enables users to download files simply and easily allowing them to manage download tasks with resume support for downloading all types of big files.

Microsoft Download Manager
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