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[Video] Calling NSA for retrieval of accidentally deleted email ?

A lot got exposed about NSA snooping, intercepting and storing our e-mail's by Edward Snowden. Taking this fact into account, one guy decided to do a prank and called NSA about loosing an e-mail asking them for it's backup !!

Do watch the Part-I and Part-II of this viral youtube video shared below.

SpyNet from NSA

Microsoft Windows 8 Source Code Leaked Online

Microsoft Windows 8 has quite a lot of criticism both in forms of serious reviews and funny rants. Here is another one to enjoy detailing "What's new in Microsoft Windows 8", based on the recently leaked Microsoft Windows 8 source code. Pls. click the read more link below to view the full Windows 8 source code available at Pastebin.

[Video] Samsung Apex : New Google Glass Competition Streams Video In One Eye, Internet Into The Another And At The Same Time Suck Your D*ck !!!

Google Glass will fade away after this technology, The Onion News Team provides us with EXCLUSIVE glimpses of this new controversial gadget. Samsung Apex, a wearable gadget somewhat similar to Google Glass streams videos into one eye, the internet into the other, and sucks your di*k while you enjoy your multimedia content. Click on the image below for Full Video..

Samsung Apex

The Science Behind Flatulence On Airplanes !!!

Science and technology has touched every aspect of our lives, humans have created huge machines which can fly and while enjoying a ride on one; you must have encountered those smelly farts on airplanes either as a producer or consumer. Scientists have finally researched the phenomenon and suggested use of technology to encounter this social menace. Do read the entertaining but factual information shared below.


Leaked Microsoft Scroogled Ad Video Shows How Google Chrome Is Tracking You Everywhere To Make Money

Well, you have been Scroogled by Google earlier with Microsoft's anti-google marketing campaign. It's time again to enjoy another video, this one is a recently leaked video from Microsoft that parodies Google's Chrome ad warning what Google Chrome is doing to them.


Enjoy the video posted below.

Google Introduces Gmail Blue And Google Nose

After self driving smart cars and augmented reality Google Project Glass, the company has announced two new extra ordinary service's - Gmail Blue and Google Nose. Coincidently, exactly on the same date as there previous two, out of the world services announced last year.

Google Nose
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