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Apple iPhone 5 to launch in India and several other countries on November 2, Pre-order officially or buy now at cheaper price

Apple has made changes to how they will be distributing Apple products in India, and as scheduled the latest Apple iPhone 5 will be made available to Indian users officially from coming November, 2nd.

As evident from the pre-order page at airtel, the 16GB iPhone 5 will be available from 02.11.2012 with shipping in 5-6 days at Rs. 45,500.

Apple iPhone 5 Airtel

However, Indian customers need not to wait as cheaper deals to buy Apple iPhone 5 are already available at trading portals as shown below.

How to create an customized signed IPSW firmware using Sn0wbreeze

The cat-and-mouse game between jailbreakers and Apple is getting tough for hackers with every new release of Apple iOS, as it plugs existing loopholes which they exploit. Anyone trying to restore Apple iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4 and 4S will face iTunes errors like 3194 and 1600 while trying to flash an sn0wbreeze customized IPSW file, even when having saved SHSH blobs and using TinyUmbrella TSS server. The solution to this problem is to have the custom .IPSW firmware file stitched with previously saved SHSH digital signatures, follow the detailed instructions ahead to get this done using sn0wbreeze.


All-new PhoneTrans - Manage iPhone iPad Media & Apps in a Better Way

Surprisingly this fall we got three brand new Apple gadgets, the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5 and 'Renanoed' iPod nano 7. Before buying one or more of them, have you thought about how many Apple devices are already in your family? If you and your families have a bunch of iPhones, iPads and iPods, probably you'll get big headache to manage them upon one single computer.

The root cause of this inconvenience is iTunes, an application that takes on almost everything, e.g. iDevice media (and app) management, purchase, and playback jukebox, and much more. Apart from constant updates, slowness, source-consuming, complicated settings and limits, iTunes also leaves the media and app management part far away from desired. We have reviewed the best Apple iTunes alternative PhoneTrans earlier, well it got better and now features an brand new user-interface and supports synchronization of music, Apps, movies, music videos, TV shows, podcasts, ringtones and eBooks.

One frequently met situation is that Adding a single HD movie to iPad may take about half an hour and risk losing all apps along the way. Besides, iTunes will also fill up hard drive with tens of gigabytes of iOS apps that can easily be downloaded from Apple. Syncing apps frequently may also destroy folders and make apps disappear. Another problem is Managing multiple devices on one computer with no way to move music, movies back to PC hard drive.

PhoneTrans - Free iTunes Alternative for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

iPhoneTransWhile Apple iOS devices have the most simplest usability, the accompanied "PC Suite" management application Apple iTunes is equally frustrating to use. There are numerous free iTunes alternatives and today we are reviewing yet another application in this niche.

The root cause of all this trouble is "iTunes Library" concept, which ties a user to a single account and computer - forcing them to sync audio, video and other items from a single computer. But there is way out, with free iTunes alternative application - "PhoneTrans" the user gets the power to just drag-and-drop files in & out of there iPhone, iPad and iPod touch just like windows explorer from ANY COMPUTER without worrying about deletion of earlier content as in iTunes Sync.

PhoneTrans fully supports adding, removing, backing-up and recovering of music, movies, music videos, TV shows, podcasts, voice memos, ringtones and eBooks etc. from Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

PhoneTrans Main Interface

Philips ErgoSensor LCD display make's sure you sit in correct posture

Long working hours in-front of your computer are surely tiring, add a bad working posture to it and you are inviting some serious health hazards. Good sitting and computer usage posture's are always advised by health professionals, and to make sure users utilize these recommendations are followed a smart desktop monitor "Philips ErgoSensor" is now available.

This intelligent desktop monitor from Philips has a ergo-sensor in its bezel that watches a user while working - the sensor watches metrics like optimal viewing distance measurement,
Time-break reminder, Neck posture detection and User presence detection providing suitable advice and behavior feedback.

Philips ErgoSensor

Blind Man Tests Google's Self-Driving Car, Technology Looks Mature Then Expected

LogoPublicly usable Google's Self Driving Cars looks like a distant future reality, but with the speed of progress made it does seem not too distant. After showing their computer controlled self-driving cars in closed circuits, Google has now taken them out on public roads - in an recent video Google's demonstrated a blind-man taking benefits of the technology to do his daily local chores. You can enjoy the exciting video after the jump.

Google Self Driving Car

Court orders Lenovo to refund 'Microsoft Tax' aka bundled Windows license the buyer didn't want

RacketwareIn an landmark judgement after four years of legal battle, a European court has asked computer retailer Lenovo to pay €1920 for making French laptop buyer pay for "Microsoft Windows" software bundled with their laptop which he did not wanted.

Dragon Go! For Android : Virtual Voice Assistant From Nuance - The Developers Of Siri

While Google is paving it's way to offer a competitive virtual voice assistant to Apple's "Siri", the current Siri Alternative solution's on Android platform are not very exciting. Thankfully, under some new exciting development "Nuance Communications" - the team behind technology powering Siri, have released a similar application for Android.

Dragon Go! features the tested and dependable, Nuance voice-recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology allowing users to get direct access to 200+ of the most recognized destinations on the Mobile Web today spanning mobile entertainment and streaming media, social networking, shopping, and every other online content need imaginable simply by using their voice.

Dragon Go

Google's Answer To Siri, ‘Majel’ in Works....

Apple's Siri virtual voice assistant seems to have sparked the demand for virtual butlers, tech giant Google is being reported all set to offer their own alternative to "Siri" as "Majel" named after "Majel Barrett" - the voice of the Federation Computer from Star Trek. While all the previous attempts to mimic "Siri" functionality on Android have not been very promising, codenamed project "Majel" will be an evolution to Google’s Voice Actions adding the ability to process natural language. Rumored to get released/announced publicly by end of this year this would be definitely the way to go for future of computing.

Google's Siri Alternative

Comments from senior Google executive "Amit Singhal" very much sums what Google wants to achieve with "Majel" and change the way we compute today :

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