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VIDEO: EA Sports Shows Tiger Woods Can Walk On Water

Recently someone noticed a “glitch” in EA Sports Tiger Woods 08, where Tiger Woods plays a shot standing on the water, the gamer created a video and the video soon became viral spreading all over the internet, People even named the shot as “Jesus Shot”, Now EA Sports sniffed a VIRAL promotional opportunity in this and instead of acknowledging the mistake, they replied back with a video to the poster promoting their upcoming golf title - Tiger Woods 09.

Marriage Proposal 2.0

Geeks are always one step ahead and loves to do things in their own unique way, Michael Weiss-Malik a Google employee decided to UPGRADE his marriage proposal to next version proposing it the "Marriage Proposal 2.0" style, he proposed from inside a Google Street View panorama by standing with a marriage proposal poster at the time when Google's street view scanning car drove by.

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