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Human v 1.1 Hotfix Patch Finally Released Fixing Long Outstanding Issues !!

If god happened to be developing on it's creation fixing things up, here is something you would often see.

The Changelog

Human v 1.1

Our Life 15 Years Ago Vs Today

A very true comic depicting our daily life 15 years ago and today.

[Video] iPod Magic - Deceptions

This is digital age, and here is an awesome video demonstration of new age magic trick using iPod. Do mind that no camera tricks are used in this video and all this is actually done "live" in one continuous take.

iPod Magic

Microsoft Fanboys Installs Huge Windows Logo Outside Apple Store !

Apple Vs Microsoft war is old, but mostly we hear about "Apple fanboys" doing crazy things showing their love for Apple products. However, this time Microsoft fanboys have taken the lead and installed a huge Windows logo outside an under construction Apple store in Hamburg, Germany - Watch the video which has gone viral after the jump.

MS Logo On Apple Store

Geek Meditation !

Regular computer usage can lead to various health problems and maintaining a good working posture and doing exercise helps a lot to counter the health hazard, here is how a geek meditation session goes :).

Geek Meditation

A Simple To Follow Video Guide On How To Maintain A Good Posture While Using Laptops

While geek exercise is a good way to relive stress after long working hours, using correct sitting posture when working on computer helps avoid tiredness and other computer usage related health problems. Here are two good videos showing how to use correct sitting posture's while using laptop when at home and traveling.

Laptop usage posture

Facebook Osama Bin Laden Execution Video Scam

As with any popular world event, the recent killing of world's most wanted terrorist "Osama Bin Laden" by American forces in Pakistan has provided another opportunity to exploit common users curiosity for perpetuating malicious intents of scammers, a wave of viral fake “Osama EXECUTION video” wall-posts are making Facebook users victim while trying to get their hands on the non-existent Osama bin laden death video.

Osama Bin Laden Execution Video

How To Fix Any Computer - Web-comic By Oatmeal

Here is Oatmeal's take on How to fix Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Fly on Desktop - Great Computer Prank

While this year's chance to pull-on the April Fool prank on your friend is over now - this can still be a lot of fun, imagine your victim shaking his head trying to get rid of numerous "realistic" looking flies wandering on their desktop.

Fly On Desktop allows you to do just that - just enable it to load on windows startup and you will have 5-10 units of these behaving like real flies on your desktop.

Computer Prank Flys On Desktop

Google Unveils "Gmail Motion Beta" Enable Users To Control Gmail Using Body Motion

Gmail Motion BetaFearing motion sensing technologies developed by rivals like Microsoft Kinect and Opera Face Gestures, Google has now came up with their very own motion-sensing technology allowing users to control Gmail using body gestures.

Named "Gmail Motion BETA" the technology aims to provide an alternative to keyboard and mouse used traditionally for human-computer interaction, Gmail Motion recognizes users body movements using computer's built-in webcam and Google's patented "spatial tracking technology" effectively translating them into meaningful characters and commands. Movements are designed to be simple and intuitive for people of all skill levels. The company also plans to expand the new motion detection technology to Google Docs (Google Docs Motion) later this year.

Gmail Motion Beta

A complete walk-through of this new feature including images, videos, and available gestures are posted below.

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